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Official Registrated LE verification

This stamp means:
- The horse is correctly registrated as Lisqar Equine
- You're sure you're dealing with a created or accepted by me, Lisqar Equine
- If you see this being posted by someone else without me posting it in the comments of the reference, it's fake and you're dealing with a non-registered, fake Lisqar Equine

You have NO right to use this. This certificate can only be posted by admis of group. If someone else posts this, it is invalid.

People who received this in a comment beneath their Lisqar's reference, are allowed to put it in the discription.

If a Lisqar does not have this in it's comment section, it is not a real Lisqar Equine.
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© 2016 - 2021 Lunameyza
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Illudyr's avatar
Dats epic :O Kan ik je ook voor ziets commissionen? Them eyebrows 
Lunameyza's avatar
Thanks :la: Maar op het moment doe ik geen commissions ^^;
Illudyr's avatar
dayum xDD 
Dan moet ik denk ik maar even je commissions stalken Them eyebrows 
want ik vind het idee wel enorm epic, maar ik vind het zo skeer het idee te jatten en het sort of na te maken xD
Lunameyza's avatar
Sorrey D:

Ohh nou van mij mag je hoor, als het maar niet precies hetzelde wordt :lmao:
Illudyr's avatar
ah joh geeft niet xD (ik moet stiekem ook niet te veel geld uitgeven aan commissions :x )

Hmmmm dan ga ik misschien wel proberen dan C: en natuurlijk niet man xD 
Lunameyza's avatar
Dan is het geen probleem xD
SweetLittleVampire's avatar
Ooooh, that looks gorgeous!
PoisonSoldat's avatar
oh my, it looks amazing OwO
Lunameyza's avatar
Thank you! :tighthug: It's a miracle I managed to make this, it's pixel art, and I'm sooo art blocked in that right now o.O XD
PoisonSoldat's avatar
Aww noo :noes: but it really looks nice, I think it especially fits in with the LE's main theme ^^
You are very welcome :hug:d
Lunameyza's avatar
PoisonSoldat's avatar
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