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Friesian Lisqar import WINNER

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:new::new: Winner is 14. Caterang8! Congrats!

:new: I'm going to end it February 15th, it takes too long with a deadline of one week after the last entrant xD

Say hello to colours xD
Finally finished the Friesian line art! I'm sorry it takes so long, I just don't like making line arts xD

The bubbles and eyes of the fishes are crystals


How to get this import:
This import is for free. If you want to get this one, you just have to say that in a comment below, and you'll be added to the list of people who want it. One week after the last participant joined, I'll choose one winner with

Participants for this import:
1. DatNachtmaehre
2. ReneeScarted
3. SweetLittleVampire
4. Xana-Akai
5. Saoradh
6. TophatVelociraptor
7. prte1
8. LunaPura
9. badazal
10. PoisonSoldat
11. Dark-Bakura1
12. Goldfish50
13. RilayaBelacqua
14. Caterang8
15. griffidonka
16. BlueFire-Phoenix
17. kalmanen
18. CS-Arts
19. DreamCatcher-Stable
20. Katchihe
21. casinuba
22. eltrute
23. Hevosten
24. observa
25. WhimsicalRuby
26. Zarattaja
27. Samantha-dragon
28. Fay-leigh
29. Jasper-19
30. Magidaa
31. rosiegato
32. Anniee-Art
33. KoKino-Art
34. DenOfTheDragon
35. SpartanAmethyst
36. Pinear
37. TheChotta
38. Conall22
39. Makoes
40. ajikas-aji

Lisqar Equine breed:

Made by Lunameyza
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© 2017 - 2021 Lunameyza
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kierysrielle's avatar
I'm knocked over. This is even more beautiful than your Liskar Warmblood which I just fell in love with! Okay more useful: your use of color, light and dark is beyond talented. thank you
Lunameyza's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like them :hug:
prte1's avatar
Congratulations :la:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
contragts! :3 I hope I'll have a chance to draw her/him one day... eventhough I'm afraid it's going to hurt :D so much details and colors and... all :D <3
Caterang8's avatar
Feel free to try, I just attempted the wings and decided nope xD I think the ref will be without the wings for now...
Samantha-dragon's avatar
oh, I though that wings would be okay to draw :D I usualy have more problems with fitting unnatural markings on body to look like they are part of horse, not just stickers :D
Caterang8's avatar
The wings are getting harder and harder for me :/ I'll have to practice. 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Feathered wings are really a lot about practice, that's true :)
CS-Arts's avatar
Congratulations Caterang8! Have lots of fun drawing this beautiful horse! 
ajikas-aji's avatar
I'd like to enter balloon  this lisqar is amazingOMGsqueeeee.... :omgomg: 
Lunameyza's avatar
Added! Thank you :D
Makoes's avatar
I'd like to enter Love 
Conall22's avatar
I'd like to enter too La la la la 
TheChotta's avatar
Can I join pleasee???? :la: 
Lunameyza's avatar
Pinear's avatar
Omg can I still try? :la:
Lunameyza's avatar
Pinear's avatar
Woeeh, deze is zoo gaaf. Die vissen :love:
SpartanAmethyst's avatar
I'd love to try my luck quq Pisces want fish lol
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