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Hello and Welcome!



Do you prefer stickers with a satin finish or a gloss finish? 

20 deviants said I dun even know the difference! :dummy:
19 deviants said I like both! :la:
9 deviants said Satin!
5 deviants said Gloss!
No deviants said I don't like either :shakefist:


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Artist | Hobbyist
Hello! Welcome to my page~

I'm Luna ^_^ I started drawing in 2008 and, since then, art has become such a huge part of my life that I'm hoping to turn it into my career. My ultimate goal is to become a comic creator. I spend most of my free time drawing and writing.

In my gallery, you'll mostly see characters belonging to me from stories I am working on as well as characters created by friends and fellow deviants and the very occasional fanart. I am currently working on posting comic pages for my main project, Sylva, a story I have been working on since December of 2007.

I am open to feedback and critique, so feel free to let me know what you think of my work, including what you think I can do to improve ^_^
Thanks for stopping by~!

And a super huge thanks to anyone who comments, faves, gives llamas and/or watches!! I really appreciate it very, incredibly much~! :heart:

For sporadically uploaded completed works, visit me on Wysp!

For astounding and utter inactivity, check out my neglected Tumblr!

And for WIPs, sketches, doodles, bad bjd/dolly photography, and other art things and updates, I post pretty regularly on Instagram!…
And I also have another Instagram account reserved specifically for completed, polished pieces that I consider to be some of my best work:…

And, last but not least, if you really like my work, I would be very grateful if you would consider supporting me through Ko-Fi ;w;
Buy Me a Coffee at

I'm sorry, but I do not do requests/draw art for others for free ;w; The only time you might potentially receive free art from me is if it is something I decide to do on my own volition because I like your character or as a personal thank you for something. I am an adult trying to work at and sell my own art so I can support my current income which isn't enough for me to live on my own. I literally spend almost all my free time making art and still am not able to produce my work as quickly as I'd like. I'd appreciate it if you don't ask about requests because I feel bad turning them down :iconcryforeverplz: Thank you for your understanding! ;w;

You are welcome to suggest fanart ideas if you reeeeeaaaaally want to, but please understand that I rarely do fanart in the first place and will ONLY do fanart for things that I personally like. And my preferences tend to be a bit on the obscure side ;w;

Status – CLOSED

I will accept
Paypal only.
Prices listed are all in USD


1. AdamSwitzle (completed)
2. AdamSwitzle (completed)
3. AdamSwitzle
4. AdamSwitzle
5. AdamSwitzle
6. AdamSwitzle
7. AdamSwitzle
8. AdamSwitzle

Hey, guys! So......... I'm still super behind on all the things I need to do, so I hadn't planned on opening commissions just yet. But my car died recently, and I had to purchase a new one, sooooo I could really use the extra cash ;w; I'm going to start with just a few slots so I don't overwhelm myself. Depending on how the commissions go, I'll likely be opening more once the first batch is done unless I just get too overwhelmed.

Since I'm a bit rusty with commissions (and drawing in general these days
x_x ) I'm going to keep the options somewhat limited for these first few so I'll only be offering portraits for the time being, since they're the least stressful for me. I'm hoping to be able to expand into more complex options soon, but I want to see how these go first.


Sketch - $8 USD
Basic shading - $13
Loose painting- $20
Clean painting - $30

***There will be an additional charge for highly complex designs (roughly $3-$10 depending on complexity and commission type)

Portrait commissions are single character only.

All colored commissions (basic shading and above) come with your choice of a flat, gradient, or simple background for no additional charge. Medium/complex backgrounds are not available at this time. For sketch commissions, you may choose a white or transparent background.



Commission example sketch by Lunallidoodles

These will be somewhat rough sketches, unlike my previous commissions where they were basically
linearts. I am not offering lineart commissions whatsoever due to the fact that I simply just hate doing lineart T_T
These commissions will be somewhat unclean and sketchy, so if you order a sketch, please be aware of that!! They will, however, still be easily readable. Don't worry; I won't just throw some lazy garbage at you! They may or may not have a single flat color to make the character pop from the background. If you have a preference for/against this, please make sure to mention it in your note; otherwise, it will be determined by whether or not I think it's necessary.

Basic Shading

Commission example shading by Lunallidoodles
These commissions are the step before the painting/rendering process begins. Light/shadows will be added in with multiply/luminosity layers as needed. Shading techniques will be simple and clear. There will be some detailing on the face (blush, lips, eyes). The sketch/lines will still be visible. Please be aware that these commissions may appear messy, as they are literally a sketch commission with the colors/shading added in on another layer. Also, please note that this sample is an example ONLY for the coloring style. For the type of linework for these commissions, please refer to the sketch commission example above.

Loose Painting
Commission example loose by Lunallidoodles
This will have a more painterly look than the Basic Shading commissions and may appear "messier". More contrast will be added to the shading/coloring in order to define edges as the piece moves more away from a lined/sketched drawing and towards a lineless painting. The emphasis will be on the face while other details may only be suggested. Lines from the sketch may or may not be visible. Brush strokes will still be visible. Please be aware, this type of commission may appear messy, since gradients and edges will not be fully rendered.

Clean Painting
Commission example clean by Lunallidoodles
This will be a fully polished painting. The rendering will be extended beyond just the face and details will be more defined. The sketch will not show through. Some details may still be loose or suggested. The painting on the face will be smooth and have minimal brush strokes. In areas beyond the face, brush strokes may or may not be visible/apparent.

Additional Info

I may or may not experiment with lighting in any commission that includes shading. If you order one of these and would NOT like me to do this on yours, please let me know.
If you do not say anything about the topic, I will assume that you are okay with experimental lighting. Also, it is not a guarantee that I will experiment with the lighting. If you would prefer for me to experiment, please let me know that as well. There is no additional charge/discount for requesting to have/not have experimental lighting.

Things I WILL draw:

  • Original characters (They can belong to you or a friend; if the character belongs to someone other than you, please include a link to the person so I can credit them for the character)
  • Fan OCs are okay, but not preferred
  • Human/human-like characters (such as elves or characters with animal features like ears, horns, tails, etc)
  • Slight blood/gore
  • Females/males/other(?)

Things I will NOT draw:

  • Fanart/canon characters. If you would like to see a specific fanart from me, you may leave a suggestion (preferably in the comments of the fanart folder in my gallery. Please do not send me a note about fanart commissions/requests as I will either say no or simply ignore it). If I am interested, I may or may not draw your suggestion. Please respect the fact that I will only draw fanart if I feel like it.
  • Animals/creatures (I don't have enough experience with these ;w; )
  • Furries/Anthro
  • Mature content/hentai
  • complex backgrounds
  • mecha

To commission me:
Send me a note with the subject '
Commission'. In the body of the note, please copy/paste the template at the bottom of this journal and fill in the following info:

Type of commission (sketch, basic shading, loose painting, or clean painting)

Character's Name
Character's age (and/or how old they look, if different)

Personality (personality, not history. Are they cheerful, gloomy, serious,
etc? If you need to give a few sentences, that's fine, but not too much please.)

References (Visual references only. I will not accept text references, sorry.)
Other info (any additional info you feel is important in order to draw the character properly. You may also specify commission details like poses, expressions, lighting, etc. Please note that portrait commissions will be somewhat limited in terms of poses)

Deadline (do you have a specific deadline for this? If yes, when? Even if you do not specify a deadline, I will do my best to finish as quickly as possible.)

After I have read your note, I will inform you of whether or not your commission has been accepted and I will update my commission list to include your name in my slots. Please, do not pay me until I tell you to do so. I will ask for payment before I begin the commission.

Once I receive payment, I will begin the commission as soon as possible. If you order a sketch, I will likely complete it in one sitting and will not contact you for approval until it is complete and ready to send/post or if I have a question about something. For the other types, I will likely contact you for approval at various stages of the commission to ensure that you are satisfied with the final results.

How long will it take?!?
I will do my best to get your commission done as soon as possible. My goal is within a month after payment has been received. However, I just would like to mention that I have been very slow art-wise lately and I do work a full time job as well. I will strive to meet the month deadline, though! If there are any delays, I will notify you. If you really want your commission as quickly as possible, you can choose not to wait for approvals, as every time I have to wait for approval it will extend the wait time for the completed commission. Please note that if you choose to expedite your commission by forgoing approvals, I will not make edits to resulting errors that could have been avoided with approvals.

What you will get:
When the commission has been paid for and completed, you will receive a full resolution PNG file, linked to you in a note using dA

What you may use your commission for:
These commissions are intended for personal, non-commercial use. You may print the artwork to hang as a poster. You may use the artwork as your avatar/profile pic/etc. You may reupload (with credit) to various social media. You may NOT sell prints/merch of the artwork.

Please Note:

By commissioning me, you grant me permission to upload the artwork to various social media (with credit). You are also allowing me to use the artwork as future commission examples. I will NOT sell prints/merch of the artwork.

If you are rude/disrespectful, I will not complete your commission. If I feel you are being rude, I will give you one warning to stop. After that, if you continue to be rude, your commission will not be completed. I am not required to provide a full refund for commissions not completed due rudeness. Partial refunds will be dependent upon how much of the commission has been completed. You will still receive a half resolution PNG file of the work that has already been completed.

I have the right to decline any commission for any reason and am not required to state said reason. If I decline your commission, please be respectful. You may change your commission request and try again.

I will never claim your character as my own. All characters commissioned to be drawn by me belong to their respective owners. Please note that if you see me post an OC at any time that reminds you of one of yours or anyone else's, I have over 100 of my own characters from various projects I have been working on for the past 10+ years; therefore, it is not surprising if one of them bears resemblance to someone else's oc.

Do not ask me to draw in a style similar to another artist. The answer will always be no. Commission that artist instead. Look at my gallery. That is the style I will be drawing in. No exceptions.

Please do not ask me to lower my prices. It is disrespectful to me and anyone who has paid the listed prices for one of my commissions. I feel that my prices are reasonable for the time and effort put into my art as well as for the quality.

Rules and commission info may be updated at any time. If you hold one of my commission slots at the time of the change, I will inform you of updates via dA note. If you do not already hold a slot, it is your duty as a commissioner to see if any changes have been made before commissioning me. By ordering one of my commissions, you agree to all terms stated in this journal.

*If you are a guest to dA and do not have an account, you may still commission me by sending me an email at If you have a dA account, I much prefer that you use dA notes for communication, as it is easier for me to respond to messages and to see when I have an unread message (my email notifications don't always come through well ;w; ).

*Do not send payment to the above email address. It is NOT my paypal address. I will give you my paypal address once I am ready for payment. Do not send payment before I request it. I will request payment when I am ready to begin working on your commission. If I do not receive payment within a week from requesting it, your commission will be canceled and you will lose your slot.

Tools/file info:
Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS5.5
Wacom Cintiq 22HD
Canvas Size: 3375x5175 pixels (standard 11x17 inch print size with full bleed) If you would prefer a different canvas size, please let me know. Just note that I cannot do larger files because of SAI's limitations. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below or send them to me in a note! ^_^

Blank commission template:
Type of commission:
Payment method:
Number of characters:
Background type:
Character's Name:
Character's age:
Other info:


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