I'm kinda considering 'storaging' all my old deviations. I dunno. My art has changed so drastically though.

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Storage them if you want. Can be nice to see an 'at-a-glance' change of one's artwork, though...

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I hope you don't. I like looking at artist's old works and seeing how they have improved. I don't think they should be ashamed of their old art, I encourage people to keep experimenting and improving. I mean, look at how long Pablo Picasso kept changing and outright creating new styles of art.

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Oh, totally. But... I dunno. I might just rearrange everything, throw all my old stuff in one folder and move on from there, kinda thing.

I dunno.

Although, knowing me, I may be considering it, but I won't do anything. XD

Because 1: I'm lazy, and 2: I totally agree. I like seeing how artists progress and all that. It's why I like to redraw my old shit from time to time.