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I need about 3ooUSD.
Current funds

I have spoken with a few companies, and that estimate of 3ooUSD was.... off. By a fair bit, actually. DX
So, updated!
I need about 85oCAD
Current Funds


Because my landlord is a sodding piece of shit that is useless. 

Ok. Long story short.

I have bed bugs. I got them from my hypocritical ex [And yes, I know you're reading this Ex person. I just don't give a shit]. He is not in the financial state to do what he has claimed to want to, and help me cover the cost for treatment for my apartment. My landlord won't do much of any sort of treatment either. 

It is stated in the Landlord Tenant Act that the swelling is to be kept free of pests. Two things that are included in there, we HAVE
Mice - because they are living int he fucking walls. The entire building has them - and bed bugs. 

What's he do for either? A few odd traps for the mice, and a few cans of a pesticide spray for the bugs. 


The mice I can live with, really. They're kinda cute (although looking rather anorexic lately) and aren't causing problems. Not even leaving a mess in the kitchen. 

The bed bugs though... omg. 
Those are fucking hell. I've been dealing with them for 1 year now. My landlord? All he did was a few cans of some inneffective shit to deal with them. 
That won't do anything. Especially since the fuckers are like head lice - getting to be more and more resistant of the constant use of pesticides. They're building up immunities. 

And even still. Bed bugs are NOT a DIY Thing!!!

So I want to get an exterminator in here to deal with the fuckers. Before I wring my useless landlord up by his entrails for the crows to pick at. 

Gonna be about 3ooUSD. 

So I'm doing Emergency Commissions. 
Spread the word! Help me out, please? I just don't have the money to deal with this bullshit right now. 

What will you get? Here's the list.

 - Simple image @ $5 per person. More complex means higher cost. NSFW is an option
 - Simple animations @ $7 per person. I repeat SIMPLE. I am not very experienced with them! [But that doesn't mean you can't ask about them~<3] More complex mean higher cost. NSFW is an option.
 - flats @ $3 per person. More complex means higher cost. NSFW is an option.
 - Sketch @ $2 per person. More complex means higher cost. NSFW is an option [and the cost wouldn't change much unless it's extreme]


TO DO LIST PLEASE NOTE These will not be done in the order that they are listed. It all depends on what my muse wishes to do. They will all be done in a reasonal length of time though =) 
1> superPFXmissile | his two OC's | Flats | Progress: Inking
2> Offsite | 3 OC's | Full Colour | Progress: Waiting on confirmation. 
2> Suikaad | 1 OC | Full Color | Progress: Waiting confirmation. 
4> Harmonie--Rosalina | 2 Images | 2 Chars each | Full Colour | Progress: Both, done.
5> RubyLemonLimeade | 2 images | 5 chars + 6 chars | Flats | Progress: Posing
6> hypnofan147 | 1 image | 2 chars | Full Colour | Progress: Shading  
7> Offsite | 4 images | 1 Char each | Animated | Progress: Posing
8> incardine | 1 image [/3] | Animated | Progress: Posing
9> tarajadestone | 1 image | Animated | Progress: Cancelled due to inability to communicate.
9> hypnofan147 | 1 image | 2 Char | Lineless | Progress: sketching

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You realize I'm going to order another commission right after mine right XP ^^