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New OC: Nailah

She ran the smoothie bar I stopped by. A cat. Running a food and drink place. It's something I never liked.

Of course, I wouldn't ever admit to her that I found her incredibly sexy as well. That would really not go well, considering how I decided to collect her for myself.

It was easy, as well. all I had to do was give her some catnip (I almost can't believe that worked!) to gain her trust. Once I had that, I made it a regular event, brought her some catnip every few days and got her hooked.

Then I gave her that collar she has on. Of course, I made it smell like catnip. Had to ensure the success of this, after all. Once she had it, I left. I knew she'd call me later, and was couting on it.

Sure enough, a few hours later, yeah. She called. She sounded breathless, and almost as if she was fiending. That was completely expected, as I'd built up the effects with the catnip over the past month.

So now I have her here. She's made herself quite comfortable. It's been about a week since I acquired her, and she hasn't bat an eye at all. Then again, she doesn't know her 'original' name anymore. She used to go by 'Nailah'. But I renamed her to Midnight.

"Hey, Midnight!" When I call to her, her ears twitch and she looks over.

"Nyan?" her voice is inquisitive as she makes her way over to me on her hands and knees, rubbing up against my leg, begging for love.

In more than one way, as the wetness of her makes quite apparent.

Which is perfect. She is nothing more than my cat, but I can get away with fucking her and not have it technically count as bestiality. Perfect.

She's too damned gorgeous to be working in a smoothie bar, out in the public.

"I need some attention, Midnight." She knows what that means, and quickly positions herself between my knees.
I have a ton of characters, and use any excuse I can to create more, can you tell? XD
Anyway, I'm not a furry artist, at all.
but I've ALWAYS admired the quality that they can achieve. I may not be so into the fetish, but I can 100% appreciate the quality of a lot of the work put out.
So I figured I should expand my artistic skillset and learn hwo to draw furries myself. 

Meet Nailah. My catgirl. 
She's a switch. 
And the uncensored version is available online in a few places. Pixiv, hypnohub, possibly hf...
Just look around. Or message me for a link. 
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Yeah, you weren't kidding when you said the description/accompanying text ended up with the kink dial turned to max...

Lunakiri's avatar

I swear I never meant for THAT. Ooops.

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Catnip works wonders, it seems!

Lunakiri's avatar

Catnip is a helluva drug, apparently. lol

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In this case, yep!