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Luna for Sale! [Censored]
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Mature Content
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She grins as she stands before you, holding a sign and seeming like this was her place, this was what she was meant to do. You read the sign.

'Hey guys! 

All right, so here's the deal. 

The seller here wants to sell more lovely ladies. They're quite sure that there's a market for them, of course. 

So suggestions for who else they should... prime for sale would be lovely. They'll take any suggestions!

(Of course, someone could bribe them to go after specific targets, as well. For the right price of $1500 [divide that by 100])

You can contact them here on Patreon, or via my email! I will be a good girl and pass any information or offers on to the Seller.'

[$2+ Patrons get a higher rez, uncensored, version]

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Comments (5)
TheGrandOleRuski's avatar
Lol, that hair makes her look like someone from Mad Max. The hair can be fixed though, and she has nice tits so...500k! :D

Also, as for suggestions for the next entry, Natalia is my favorite of your OCs so hopefully she's in here at some point.
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Lunakiri's avatar
Lunakiri|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I like my hair! XD

And Nats? She's definitely one of the ones that the seller is considering. //evil grin

Who knows when, or how, though?
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TheGrandOleRuski's avatar
To be fair, you probably rock the biker look. :)

And as for when or how...perhaps we can brainstorm sometime? I dunno, just thinking.
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Lunakiri's avatar
Lunakiri|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh. I probably could if I tried... and lost some weight. > > 
Hell, the biker look can be absolutely sexy, too~<3

As for brainstorming, I'm game~ If you have discord (it's the easiest) and I haven't already added you (I lose track of who has what dA/Discord sometimes ^ ^;;) feel free to fire your discord at me, or I can fire mine at you~<3
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Anno1404's avatar
hmm ..sounds intrresting :D
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