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Sharna Hikari

This is my entry for Doll-Makers-Domain's November contest, it which we have to showcase an OC of ours. Naturally, I chose my darling Sharna 

Name: Sharna Adrienne Hikari (Odd names run in BOTH sides of the family.)
Age: 20 (Physically) & 28 (Chronologically.), Born October 25th 1987
Universe/World: (where they are from, Harry Potter, Disney, ect): My novel canon universe, though I have numerous AUs for her. 
Strengths: Analytical, loyal, good at reading people, expert marksmanship, vast occult knowledge, multilingual, maternal, protective, good with animals, approaches things with a good sense of humour, does not give up easily. 
Weaknesses: Compulsive liar, distrustful, stubborn to a fault, paranoid (She suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder.), she can't cook at all, she can be hypocritical. She is physically vulnerable to dead blood, fire and decapitation is the sure-fire way to kill her kind.
Personality: Sharna is a complicated thing, years of having to keep her nature as a hunter secret mean she's not very forthcoming with details about herself and what she does, she's rather 'detached' from normal society, and from most people in general. She'll be polite to most, but chances are she doesn't like them all that much and is suspicious of them. She's stubborn to the point of refusing help when she needs it and it makes her very set in her opinions too. To anyone she does allow herself to trust she is steadfastly loyal to them, and would put her life on the line to keep them safe. However if that trust is broken it is incredibly difficult to repair; Sharna holds grudges and is a vengeful thing. But she does have a soft spot for children and animals, something she tries to hide around most for the sake of preserving her reputation as a hunter. She is always VERY fiery tempered. 
Friends/Family: Three Eye (Husband), Jasmine (Daughter, more children will follow.), Shiro Hikari and Ebony Knight (Father & Mother.), Ryou Hikari and Alexandria Hikari (nee Woodgrove) (Paternal Grandparents.), Conrad Knight and Irene Knight (nee Beckett) (Maternal Grandparents.), Adrienne Knight (Maternal Aunt, middle name given in memory of her.), Norio Hikari (Godfather) and Theo Frost (Maker.) 
Enemies: The Progenitors (The first vampires), her Maker (Theo Frost), Thanatos, Myrrine (Vampiric 'grandmother'), numerous other beings. 
Love Interest: Prior to his death, Lt (1st Class) Liam Garcia, currently married to a Fearling 'named' Three Eye. 
Pets: Nova, a Tamaskan dog and she recently hatched out an Alaskan Pygmy Dragon whose egg she saved from poachers, named Prince. 
Favorite Color: Dark blues and grey. 
Hobby: Archery, tennis, reading and people watching. She enjoys playing video games also, and has an interest in astronomy. 
Fun Fact: As well as being a rather young vampire, Sharna is the current inheritor of the Knight Bloodline (The name given to first borns in the family following a deal an ancestor made with Thanatos, the God of Death.), following on from her mother. Since Sharna 'died' before she could have a child, the line has not passed to her own daughter Jasmine, making her the last of it. Each member has an ability, in Sharna's case she's electrokinetic (As was the first member.), her mother was cryokinetic. 
Short background story: Difficult to condense since her story extends into what will be (hopefully) multiple novels but: Born and bred a Hunter, the loss of both her parents forces her into the care of her father's cousin (Her godfather) who is not a pleasant man and rather extreme in his hunting methods, his attitude and treatment of Shar shaped her into the paranoid, Distant, foul-tempered woman she is. Unfortunately, she piques the interest of a 2000+ Germanic vampire who forcibly turns her (Something most vampires look down upon.). Thus, she has to adjust to being one of the monsters she used to indiscriminately kill, forcing her to adjust her worldview and learn 'monster' is rather a subjective terms, one that can apply to humans also.  So what is a hunter to do when they learn this? Kill the REAL monsters, of course. 

I have a more in-depth profile here as well as an extended bio here if anyone is interested. 

EDIT: Forget to finish adding her physical vulnerabilities WHOOPS. 

Character is mine.
X-Girl Scene Maker created by dolldivine & candysworld
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very neat! she looks awesome! Thanks for entering!!! 
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Glad you like her, she's my baby. Fanboy Emote 
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This is great!  The character and story sound well thought out and interesting.  The dolls are beautifully designed!  Keep up the good work and good luck with the contest!  Still trying to decide if I have an OC interesting enough to bother entering or not.
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Thank you! I'm glad you think that. I've poured my heart and soul into her and her universe. I know there's more intricate dollmakers where I could've gone crazy with drag'n'drops, but this one allows me to capture her closest to how she looks in my head. I'm sure you do, you never know until you enter! 
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You don't always need real intricate dollmakers to make beautiful images... contrary to popular belief... grumble. :hmpfh: by Akira-Miyashi   I think yours are wonderful just the way they are!  Thanks for the reassurance.  I guess I'm planning on submitting something but I'm trying to figure out how to consolidate his various forms into a comprehensive profile.