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Alaskan Pygmy Dragon

Within the universe for the novel I'm writing, there are multiple dragon species. They are one of the more difficult species to keep hidden from the eyes of normal humans, quite understandably. I can't really draw all that well, I can draw pretty feathers and rabbits but not much else, so it was nice to find this creator.

The Alaskan Pygmy Dragon: They get to about the size of a large dog, have water-resistant feathers like you’d find on waterfowl such as ducks. They have webbing between their toes to better aid them at swimming, but I couldn’t add that. Also a feather ‘fan’ at the end of their tail, think like a peacock (only much smaller). It’s usually folded away as it would naturally get in the way whilst swimming, but during breeding seasons they’re used to attract mates, the dragons will also puff all their feathers up when threatened to make themselves look bigger. As you might assume for a dragon hailing from a chilly region and being somewhat amphibious in its lifestyle, it isn’t a fire-breathing. Their breath  is frosty. These dragons are often used amongst dracologists to cite the evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs, birds and dragons, because of their large amount of feathers and general behavioural habits. They’re rather playful and inquisitive, making them easy to study.

Their diet largely consists of fish and crustaceans, but they will take seabirds and small mammals too. Their eggs are iridescent; blues and whites swirling and mixing together. Their scales have the same quality, allowing for camouflage on land in winter months  as well in the water. Some specimens have a 'summer' colouring too, where their feathers may become more brown and their scales greyys ad more on the greenish side. An adaptation some have developed to hide themselves if they make their homes further in land along rivers during summer moths. 

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