Open Commissions! (Updated)(CLOSED)

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Commissions are now closed!! I'm getting a new job so I won't have time to draw, If you noted me before this update, I will still take your order, thank you so much to those of you who commissioned me! it really helped out with the bills!!  I'm very thankful.

I might open commissions again someday soon!

Taking these commissions has been a big help in my life lately, I managed to pay off important bills and buy things I need. Thank you all for commissioning me and even to those who at least thought about it. unfortunately, my puppy is now in the hospital, so that's, even MORE, bills I have (adulting isn't fun kids, don't grow up, stay in school) with that being said, I'll be taking twice as many commissions. so, instead of 5, it'll be bumped up to 10 open slots. the only 'bad' thing about it, is that it might take longer for the ones that are in the 5-10 slot, but it's nothing like a month wait, just a few days or two weeks.

New commission type

Comisshhhs by Lunainet
Price: 10$
*You can order transparent background or not for free

since you can now order chibi's this will affect the prices of everything else

*note: the people who commissioned me or were on the wait list do not have to pay the new prices.
* The prices in the example are outdated, see below for updated prices

Commission Prices by Lunainet
full body commission: 20$
Headshots commission: 15$

any added character will be an extra 10$

commissions batches finished: 3

Batch 4

Open slot

Commission rules

*Please note me for a commission, comments get overlooked by me all the time.

*Payment must come first

*if a commission takes longer than a month, you may ask for a refund. (Usually, I know my limit and will refund you if I can’t see myself getting it done on time.)

*when ordering a commission please give links to your character, also, let me know what kind of personality they have. (it helps)

*If all the slots are full, I will have 5 waiting list slots open. If you don’t get any of free spots, don’t worry, I’ll still be taking commissions.

*you can order more than one commission, so don’t be shy.

* I don't mind drawing NSFW / R-18 works.

*payment must be sent through PayPal or Venmo (I prefer Venmo, but if you don't have one, then that's fine). once you note me, I'll give you my information.

*please don't beg for free things. if you don't have the money, then I'm sorry... ( I'm broke too.)

*If you don't give me clear direction I WILL take free liberties. (I get pretty creative and will even use different brushes or color technics. I will surprise you if you do not give me something specific. )

I Cannot draw

*furries (I fear I’ll mess up your commission if I tried. You can try to request them, but I’m warning you now, I’m not the best at it.)

*mech (machinery, robots, etc)

*overly detailed animals (like dragons)

I'm also selling my old oc's
the prices were pretty high, so they are now up for negotiation!

(Open) Adoptables (old oc's for sell) by Lunainet
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