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A universe twisted by the four minor gods of Gaia and Death... thrived by the evolution to vehicles. Choro-Q Universe twists the tale of the original game series of Choro-Q into a ultimate battle ground between light and darkness!
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LunaHydreigon-2018 by LunaHydreigon

167.66$ Currently Made || 350$ [Goal To End of December] 

*Payed USD Commissioners are top priority!*


  • Clara-Erassari - Kintaur - 2 Full Bodies + 2 Headshots with Full Shading (VR Makoalt MYO) - 2/4 Done
  • Bo Time Gaming - Youtube Banner (Payment Pending | Pay After Completion | ESTIMATE: 100-50 USD)
  • Ocelot360  - Star Trek Ocelot - Full Body with Full Shading - (25 USD PREPAYED)
  • RoxMccree - Dragons - Fullbody & Headshot with Full Shading (SHARK DOG TRADE)
Other Projects and To Dos:
  • Finish Updating Choro-Q Wikia
  • Finish Some Patreon Stuff for APC227 (5/7 Done)
  • Finish Bios of all
  • Sort through my PC
  • 900GB of Video Footage... (500GB Left)
  • Finish Choro-Q Universe Discord Background Picture (Nothing to do with Comic)
  • Digitizing the Choro-Q Comic (Not Priority)
People with Discount Tokens:
  • H3-Bard - 50-100% Discount Token x1 (Reason: Discord Raffle)
  • StormyDriver - 50%-100% Discount Token x1 (Reason: 25-50 USD Steam Card Gifted)
  • OnlyHope8923 - Free Full Body x1 (Reason: Paid for Oriental Jader Breeding)
  • Lightning - 32.58$ Pre-Payed
  • Ocelot360 - 85.66$ Pre-Payed
  • VictorSai - 1 Full Body & Headshot Token (Reason: War Thunder)


  Hello there fellow wanderer, I'm LunaHydreigon, or you can call me Luna. I run a Youtube Channel where I post speedpaints of those who usually order art from me. So those who order may request to have a speedpaint video of their ordered work. When ordering, I always follow my slogan "Customer Satisfaction! Whether art or payment!" although, on dA, it is in hope that you are mainly happy with the overall work and not asking for over 50% edits. Please do not harass me though, I've been harassed by people multiple times in multiple ways. ^^; I try my best to do what I can do for you.


  It is preferred to pay beforehand, although I understand if you one of those who pay after the art is done. At most I will make a sketch for you otherwise till you pay fully. I accept many different methods of payments:
  • Paypal 
    • This is the most preferred way I wish people to pay if possible!
  • Steam Cards
    • Steam Cards is a trust-based payment, although it requires you to add me on steam and wait 3 days for the option to gift steam cards via Steam. Otherwise buy the card from a store and send me the code.
  • Art Trades
    • I'm very wary of Art Trades due to being ripped off many times before. People don't give me their art for months on end without any excuse and disappear. It's really sad. I usually will be the one who asks for a art trade though, especially if I love your art style!
  • Characters/Designs
    • This is a big maybe out of everything, but keep in mind I like things in the blue/black/white range. Although I'll consider any design really. Here are some examples of the adoptables I am in or interested in.
      • Makoalts
      • Oriental Jaders
      • Willie Dragons
      • Scarfoxes
      • Kintaurs
  • Or haggle with me
    • Haggling basically means you can offer me something else to equal the amount that is needed to be payed. This can also be a mix of all sorts of things if you don't have Paypal or Steam and want to pay via something else of equivalent. Here are some examples:
      • dA Premium/Points (1 USD = 100 Points Ratio)
      • Species' MYOs (Make Your Own)
      • Species' Currency/Items
      • Video Games (Steam or Blizzard/ Only)
      • In-Game Currency/Items (War Thunder's Golden Eagles/Bundles)


Creature/Animal Content

Luna the Hydreigon Mascot by LunaHydreigon Eldemore Commission - Apollo by LunaHydreigon Whitefang Wants That Ass by LunaHydreigon Eldemore Commission - Liam by LunaHydreigon Gift - Oriental Jader - Jasmine by LunaHydreigon Trade - Arya Bloodmoon 2/4 by LunaHydreigon 15$ Commission - Kura by LunaHydreigon 55$ Commission - A Wonderful Happy Harvest by LunaHydreigon

  • Notes

  • This section also includes like: Pokemon, My Little Pony, World of Warcraft, (+more if I know more fandoms)
  • This section also includes adoptable species like: Makoatls, Eldemore, Oriental Jaders, (+more if I know more Adoptables)
  • This section also includes creatures like: Dragons, Unicorns, etc.
  • Flight Rising Dragons artwork are always under the Flight Rising Complexity penalty. Regular non-Flight Rising Dragons do not.

  • Prices

  • Headshots - 5 USD // + 2 USD Shading
  • Full Body Shots - 15 USD // + 5 USD Shading
  • +Complexity - 10 USD (Depends on Character(s))
  • +Flight Rising Complexity - 15 USD
  • +Extra Character - x2 Price (Ex. +1 Extra is x2 amount, +2 Extra is x3 amount)
  • +Backgrounds - 10 USD
  • +50% Edits After Finished Product - 20 USD

Vehicle Content

Choro-Qfied Yamato Ship by LunaHydreigon 20$ Commission - ADF-01 Falken by LunaHydreigon Icaras (Transparent) by LunaHydreigon Choro-Q Universe Season 1 Cover by LunaHydreigon 50$ Commission - Race of Friendship by LunaHydreigon 20$ Commission - Chibi Blue by LunaHydreigon 15$ Commission - Ducky by LunaHydreigon

  • Notes

    • These cars, tanks and boats usually Chibi or Chibi-like due to my style of drawing them.
    • I am not fully familiar of drawing boats at this time.
    • Certain vehicles/tanks may give me trouble or take more time to complete.

  • Prices

    • Full Body Shots - 15 USD // + 5 USD Shading
    • +Complexity - 10 USD (Depends on Character(s))
    • +Extra Character - x2 Price (Ex. +1 Extra is x2 amount, +2 Extra is x3 amount)
    • +Backgrounds - 10 USD
    • +50% Edits After Finished Product - 10 USD

Humanoid/Furries Content

Art/Character Trade - Amygdala and Alex by LunaHydreigon Gift - The Rodeschild Siblings by LunaHydreigon Choro-Q Universe - Shirito Rodeschild (God Form) by LunaHydreigon 25$ Commission - Air Cadet Victor by LunaHydreigon Chromius Rodeschild Human Concept Sketch by LunaHydreigon Gift to APC227 - Shirito 2 Sexy 4 U by LunaHydreigon 25$ Commission - Shark OC Design by LunaHydreigon 25$ Commission - Lightning by LunaHydreigon

  • Notes

    • I can't draw feet well
    • Posing characters may be possibly heavily referenced
    • I struggle on drawing females
    • I'm not good at making backgrounds

  • Prices

    • Headshots - 5 USD // + 2 USD Shading
    • Medium Shots - 15 USD // + 5 USD Shading
    • Full Body Shots - 20 USD // + 5 USD Shading
    • +Complexity - 10 USD (Depends on Character(s))
    • +Extra Character - x2 Price (Ex. +1 Extra is x2 amount, +2 Extra is x3 amount)
    • +Backgrounds - 10 USD
    • +50% Edits After Finished Product - 10 USD

Transformers Content

Art Trade - Skipshot and Echo by LunaHydreigon Redraw - Vos - TFP by LunaHydreigon Art Trade - Abattoir by LunaHydreigon Secet Santa Art - Trustback and Ringfire by LunaHydreigon

  • Notes

    • I can't draw feet well
    • Posing characters may be possibly heavily referenced
    • I struggle on drawing females
    • I'm not good at making backgrounds

  • Prices

    • Headshots - 10 USD // + 2 USD Shading
    • Medium Shots - 25 USD // + 5 USD Shading
    • Full Body Shots - 40 USD // + 5 USD Shading
    • +Complexity - 10 USD (Depends on Character(s))
    • +Extra Character - x2 Price (Ex. +1 Extra is x2 amount, +2 Extra is x3 amount)
    • +Backgrounds - 10 USD
    • +50% Edits After Finished Product - 20 USD


  This is where you can find art of previous USD order-ers.
  This is where you find trades of previous trades/haggles/deals.


LunaHydreigon's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


Go check dem merps out. C:

Series Parts:
(Currently Running) • Season 1 - Sundown and Sunrise •
No. 919 and friends are brought into the world of war where equality among tanks doesn't exist! Together they learn about friendship and trust and begin to learn the true intentions of usage of mindless Q-Tanks of the Q-Stein Kingdom itself.

• Season 2 - Uprising of the Light • Being Revamped
Dusk and Sophie, the top fighters of Q-Steins are captured throughout the Q-War by the Major, Rodosushiruto Rodeschild and the Lieutenant General, Syrus Ahmadi of the Proton Kingdom. Although Dusk begins to learn that something is not right about the Q-Steins as Major Rodeschild leads him to the path of freedom. Together, they fight side by side to find a new life within this world of war and treachery along side new and old friends!

• Season 3 - Awakening of the End •
Five years after the war, Major General Rodosushiruto Rodeschild is deemed the King's adviser, little does he know that the world he lives in remains unstable as ever. The Proton Kingdom faces another attack on foreign outsiders and rebels, sending the kingdom once again into another great war. Corruption runs through the king's veins as a gods of the White Dragon Flight and Black Dragon Flight race to make a appearance. Can Major General Rodeschild, along with his new friend, Conner, pull through? But this time, will the Kingdom win this war?

• Season 4 - The Future Ahead • Being Revamped
Born without a memory of who his parents were, Eclipse and Barat go on a great adventure to become the best racers within Gapecotch. Although corruption of the Black Dragon Flight in Getra Palace had began to seep into the nobles of Nyaky Town creating mistrust among the rich and poor. Trained by Norahike, Eclipse faces on the races head on meeting new friends and new rivals. But danger looms before him through the grand palace that rules the land.

• Season 5 - Choro-Q HG 2 • Being Revamped
Inheriting the need for speed of her lost father, swift heads to Choro-Q Island in hopes to have a great vacation. But instead, she is brought into a dangerous world of racing as a monster haunts the land. At her time at the Island, she meets Kamikaze, a Nyaky Town resident who teaches her the way of racing. With his help she heads onward to take her place as President of Choro-Q Island with her friends and to stop the evil that haunts this land!

• Season 6 - Choro-Q Wonderful Gadget Works : Wonderful Edition • Being Revamped
Almost fifty years had past since the fall of Archenemy... Royal Jaguar sits in Red City with his new trophy from the Grand Prix, although he accidentally rides over it! On a journey to fix the trophy before the next Grand Prix, he meets famous racers and go on a adventure with his best friend, Kaito Lamborghini at his side! But for how long...

• Season 7 - The Era of Innovation • Being Revamped
Time flies in Grunge Garden as Druid Fox makes his way to impress his father, Diez, President of Choro-Q Island, to show him that he too, despite being small, can be as great as his father. Although he finds a injured Choro-Q who is blind, but was once a infamous racer. Together the duo heads their way to battle the Meister and become the best Gadget Racers!

• Season 8 - New Beginnings • Being Revamped
Royal Jaguar heads into Majiha Town to learn as Archenemy has been revived and has returned for revenge! From there he is taught about the Masters and their powers of work and goes on a quest to save Mirīgā Island from the enemy. Along the way he meets Sparx, Baoposu and many others!

• Season 9 - Choro-Q Universe : The Battle of the Gods •
The battle of the gods has begun as Prophet faces off MAD Special which gets the Phoenix and Dire Wolf gods involved causing a catastrophic disaster. It is up to them to fix their wrongs and to stop the world from being destroyed. Most of the data of this season remains unknown...

• Season 10 - Choro-Q Universe : Extras/TBD/Excluded •

• Combat Choro-Q - Voroshiro's story and adventure before he became a Q-Stein.
• Choro-Q Universe : Chromius's Death - Explains what happened to General Chromius Rodeschild who as the king's adviser during the Q-War.
• Choro-Q Universe : Norsh's Past - Discover Norsh's story in Nyaky that lead to his actions
• Choro-Q Universe : Fall of the Phoenix - What happened to the blue Phoenix, god of the Q-planes in the past?
• Choro-Q Universe : Takashi and MAD Special - Discover MAD Special's time at sea with Sheriff Takashi.
• Choro-Q Universe : Conner and the Wolf - The story of Conner and how he came to be with the Dire Wolf God, god of Choro-Qs.


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