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To People who haven't finished on S5 or know some parts that will follow along to the new upcoming season, turn away as it is a spoiler... I think. XD

Just thought I give out my expectations of what to expect from the new season that's already five days from right now. My thoughts are focused on two things that can be debatable; The Fandom, and the Show itself! These are just thoughts that shouldn't be taken personally but to be informed of possibilities and similar thoughts and reactions to what you might expect that I'm expecting.

I'll start off with expectations of the show:

1. The premiere has featured Sunburst in so you can finally see Starlight and him reunite. I believe their reunion can go from two different ways. One of course, “where have you been all my life” to hugs and tears; Or two, she would chew his plot out and demand an explanation as to why he left out on her for a long time to right now at a mature age. He left her when she was a filly and caused her to be the villain I never liked in the first place of all S5.

2. A far more better season than season 5 please. The episodes were full of senseless surprises that were either shit, or surprising that it was impressive. Regardless, the season was still shit.

3. Now that the Cutie Mark Crusaders earned their marks, their adventures are gonna go exactly like how they sang their song of earning their marks at the end of the episode of “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”. Their new purpose is to help others.

4. Season 5 so it seem was actually nothing but fanservice, so it didn't seem like they were giving it their best. Because it was all about fanservice; That and the map in Twilight's new castle doesn't give much but only like four quests and the first being to meeting Starlight. This season is said will involve literally around the land which will be pretty interesting and spectacular, something Season 5 didn't put in.

5. The newborn foal of Cadence and Shining Armor... obviously right? Speaking of foals, remember Baby Cakes? They came out since S2. You think they might have changed their appearance as toddlers by now? I'm hoping so, to top it off as Flurry Heart being the only foal for this season.

6. A new, possible of a monster or type of creature for a villain for this season since Starlight made the impression of being a main antagonist that's only a mere unicorn and not like other villains in premieres or finale's like Discord, Chrysalis, and Tirek.

7. With Starlight now a member of the 6 (I'm guessing it's true) she will be having episodes involving her perspective like the six and Crusaders would.

8. Starlight meeting Discord? :3

9. More Princess episodes? (Excluding Twilight, I mean Luna, Celestia, and Cadence)

10. A change in Diamond Tiara's behavior now? Then again, will she be replaced with a new character that may oppose the Crusaders?

11. Starlight basically replaced Sunset in the case she would ever return. Seems Sunset is only more importantly involved in Equestria Girls.

12. Possibly another episode or two not involving the main characters?

13. A special guest playing a new character for an episode like S4 was Weird Al and S5 was Lena Hall? :/

14. More Rarity perspective episodes than the other mane 6 er... 7 now. ^^;

15. Once the season is over, there probably won't be anymore until the upcoming movie next year passes, or probably the movie is the finale to the whole series in conclusion, which I honestly don't mind. From 5 and already soon to be 7 years of friendship is magic, I think it should end there.


And here are my expectations from the Fandom:

1. The salt and hate towards Flurry Heart just cause she's an alicorn? Like wut? Everyone's been expecting the couple to finally have a child and they got it. What's wrong with you now? What's next? You going to force writers to make the pair have an abortion? You guys are sick, it's just a baby. She's cute. (Forgive me for bringing up abortion, but the salt from the salty fans sounds like that's what they're wanting... how horrid). Why I say this, is I follow a group on Facebook and there was even a comment of someone wanting to strangle the foal and called it an abomination. So literally people take hate that far... over a cute baby alicorn foal... again... what's wrong with you? -.-

2. People will go ape shit crazy over a guest of the show that probably a majority of fans don't even know who he or she is. It's a complete killjoy, as I've felt this way for Lena Hall as Rara. I never understood why everyone was so excited for her, she's just a singer, settle down now.

3.Since the stupid Twicane meme carried onto Season 5 into the Slice of Life episode of which that meme is so annoying and redundant, doesn't make sense as it's just a valuable item of royalty of which no princess uses, which renders it useless. It's honestly the dumbest pony meme that leaves a bad taste in my mouth and just annoys me to all living hell.

4. Fluttershy fans overreacting to things that are a joke or harmful towards the character, but EVEN jokes. I like Fluttershy, not as a favorite, but I don't hate her. You guys make her overrated.

5. I can't understand who's more overrated. Rarity or Fluttershy. I know it's Fluttershy, but everyone keeps rooting Rarity with personality and stuff. All the six have personalities!

6. I like some memes, but I know there will still be ongoing jokes that are already old and just aren't funny anymore; For example Scootaloo being called a chicken. Old, less laughable, and redundant.

And that is all of my thought and speculations towards what to expect once Season 6 starts. What I've said may not be taken lightly as they are what I said they were.

So, I am pretty confident towards this new season, and am looking forward to what surprises and fun it holds. Fingers crossed, have some celebratory popcorn ready and tuning into (I don't have Discovery Family, but who needs it when you can watch everything on the internet), as I look forward to what the newborn is all about for the premiere. Until then, look forward to Saturday folks. ~

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Submitted on
March 22, 2016