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I've not kept any updates with these, and I'm sorry, and I say sorry cause I feel that keeping journal postings up to date is important since you guys love seeing my work and such. Understand that I am more busier than I've ever been.

I got a good job since summer, but my truck is slowly becoming unbearable to drive a bit. It's the point in life that I'm gonna need to get a new car at some point, cause mines already reached over 100,000 in mileage. And when getting a new car, one thing I'm not looking forward to is the car payments.

I love my job so far, and so far I'm saving up money to go to a Ponycon for the second time. Also, I am still continuing throughout college, trying to focus on the easier classes and saving the toughest for last.

My art tends to shift from slow to fast, but now things are only about to get more hectic. If you guys are patient throughout, know that I haven't quit on my art. I love doing what I do, and I will work and post what I can whenever I have the chance again and again. I may update information on commissions a bit, and remember that I still do them. Even art trades guys. However if I put a halt on over these things, understand that I may be overwhelmed with activity during the time.

It feels great knowing you guys enjoy what I draw and care about the person that draws all this stuff as well.

Thanks for understanding guys, keep an eye out, and until the next posting, take care.
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August 20, 2017


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