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The quicker time goes, the shorter life becomes. ;-;

Kidding, I don't wanna think much about that, but now I'm 23. I just thought I'd make this a journal after getting a lot of messages from everyone wishing me a happy birthday, and I do say, thank you everyone.

I'm not the best at making art, but I try the best I can for those that like my art. I'm glad you guys appreciate it, even though I may not be the most productive artist.

Even for my friends, it means a lot to have you met you and to know you for whether we just started or known for the longest time now, I'm happy to have you guys.

Again, thank you everyone so much. I hope time slows down a little. XD
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I’m a bit late with the New Year that is 2018, as 2017 is all over now. I’ve also lacked a bit on updates or announcements as to how am I doing and probably makes people wonder how my art will be like for this year as well as so forth.


The past year for me was very stressful, as I’ve been struggling not just to fend for myself in my college work, but also still trying to keep you guys entertained with my artwork as well. I’ve had a rough past semester, and have been critically thinking of what to take next. Another class I haven’t tried, or work on the ones I’ve failed on. I have somewhat of a goal that involves the hoping idea that I can finish up with college as soon as possible. That doesn’t mean I’ll bombard myself with four to god knows how many fucking classes. I can barely handle as much as three, I’d rather tone it back down to two, until I’m more productive and confident to tackle many more. Taking less classes might be a slow and hectic time for me as I go to school, but if I pass on, then I’ll pitch in for more. Will this slow down my art, oh yeah. My life comes first, before art my dudes.


Aside from school and art, I also work as a pizza delivery driver. Surprisingly a fun and sweet job, better than any other job I’ve ever had, but even that isn’t enough. I don’t bound to count on commissioning you guys in order to keep myself on track with some bills or important shit like that, but I have some slight announcements of how you guys watch my art will also help me out as well.


I don’t count my art as a job, but the time and work I put myself through to provide it to you guys comes with a deal. I’ve had several ideas in mind as I work on some art, I will be making something called ‘art packs’


You may know or heard it being mentioned in one of my polls. I’ve seen some votes were negative or positive last time I checked, but either way it’s something I wish to do for this year, depending on how much art I’d be able to make for it. I plan to release another journal post sometime when possible explaining the details of how the art packs are going to work. To give a hint with what I mean by art packs, is something that requires a bit of funding.


I do hope for this year providing me a more better time than last. I’ve had my downs, but many ups as well in 2017, but 2018 is an adventure just beginning for me. I’ve made several cheesy resolutions that I never got to do last year, but with the opportunities that I have now, some of them are still one of my goals to do. I plan to go to a few pony cons (certain two of them), to first ever build a gaming PC, and hopefully to pass my classes this year. There are many other things I wanna work on and strive for this year, but I feel like that’s all to say with how much I’ve put into this post.


Also, probably one of my goals, is to keep you guys updated with some news of whatever I feel is worth mentioning of. ^^;

I appreciate it if you spent the time to read my post, and I will gladly upload again sometime soon. Thank you all. :)

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I've not kept any updates with these, and I'm sorry, and I say sorry cause I feel that keeping journal postings up to date is important since you guys love seeing my work and such. Understand that I am more busier than I've ever been.

I got a good job since summer, but my truck is slowly becoming unbearable to drive a bit. It's the point in life that I'm gonna need to get a new car at some point, cause mines already reached over 100,000 in mileage. And when getting a new car, one thing I'm not looking forward to is the car payments.

I love my job so far, and so far I'm saving up money to go to a Ponycon for the second time. Also, I am still continuing throughout college, trying to focus on the easier classes and saving the toughest for last.

My art tends to shift from slow to fast, but now things are only about to get more hectic. If you guys are patient throughout, know that I haven't quit on my art. I love doing what I do, and I will work and post what I can whenever I have the chance again and again. I may update information on commissions a bit, and remember that I still do them. Even art trades guys. However if I put a halt on over these things, understand that I may be overwhelmed with activity during the time.

It feels great knowing you guys enjoy what I draw and care about the person that draws all this stuff as well.

Thanks for understanding guys, keep an eye out, and until the next posting, take care.
Tagged by :iconjacktheponynaga:

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s names.

1) Midnight Dawn is a shy pony, but in times of danger, she remains vigilant and takes caution when she undergoes dangerous situations.
2) Midnight Dawn was once in the Royal Guard, but not as a soldier. She was part of the rescue unit until Luna's return, she transferred over to the Lunar Guard.
3) Her main weapon/gadget is a wrist strapped tendril. Shiny in it's metallic coating, but as squish and long as that of an actual snake tail/tentacle, her main weapon of choice for restraining or capturing wanted targets and enemies.
4) In her free when she isn't on duty, Dawn enjoys foalsitting, spending time with her friends, and learning to sew or make clothing (she'd basically be learning from Rarity).
5) Midnight Dawn lives nearby Canterlot, but not within the city itself. Her home is pretty much at nearby cliff up in the mountains by the city, where it is more quieter and peaceful.
6) Despite being a rescuer in the guard, Dawn is capable of handling her own surprisingly... however, more or less, she overdoes it and gets caught in situations where she is in need of rescuing.
7) Midnight Dawn fears anything made of styrofoam.
8) Midnight Dawns biggest creation is just her own special weapon the wrist strapped tendril she uses. With that ability, she is partially a mechanic mare as she can fix most electronic or gear worked machinery. She doesn't consider herself much as a scientist or engineer but knows how to fix things.

The tagging sickness stops here, so no tags now.
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Happy New year's to everyone. I thought I'd like to write something in since it's been so long. I'm not one to be so excited or find hopes in a new year that comes by, but I can accept that 2017 is a fresh new start to make some goals as the year goes so it would be more enjoyable. I've never really made or done resolutions before, so this would be a first and something I hope to achieving during this year.

Anyways, I don't really have much plans on what I want to accomplish this year but the following few goals below after this sentence.

My resolutions:

1. Make more art than ever before (Even though I'll be busy with work and college ;-; )

2. Pass my classes this year in college

3. Go to Bronycon in Maryland Baltimore... soooo gotta save some money >.<

4. Save up to build (or buy) a gaming pc

5. Get better with my work

6. Make a comic page (or pages ;3)

7. Work on other OC's I have besides Nightwish/Midnight Dawn (Yes, I do have other OC's)

8. Make more art that's more non fetish material (Don't worry, I'll still make hypnosis/coils, but a bit less if I possibly can)

That's all I kinda wish to accomplish for this year, so hopefully I can do all that then. And don't get me wrong on that last one I written down, I love making snakey hypno weird content all the time, but I wish to do it less often. Making stuff that's more cute or story telling is something I want to get into just as much as I am already into the whole hypnosis and coils stuff that I've been doing for so long. If that decision bugs you to the point you unwatch me, do as you please. I just like to make stuff, but again there will always and still be hypnosis and coils, so don't ever think I'm giving that up now everyone.

I believe that is all I have in mind to say, and it's been so long making a journal post, but here's one for the longest time. Hope everyone has a good day and keep your heads up that this year rolls smoothly. ^w^

So I thought over it and thought why not? Here is my service to offering commissions everyone. No longer would you want for a sketch (Still an option to buy if you don't have that much. ^^; ), but now I offer to add in some colorful life to whatever you may wish for me to draw! Just follow the details and rules below! ~


Limit is 2-3 Characters for Pictures for now (Snakes count along too if you're wanting some snake stuff as well peeps)

$5.00 Sketches: Cheap and comes around quick when there's a chance for me if I'm not piled on stuff.

Puppy Training 101 Sketch by LunaHazACookie

$10.00 Shadeless Art/Vectors: It can be plain clean show accurate vectors or a shadeless

Nightwish - Idling by LunaHazACookie

$15.00 Fully Shade Image: With the color, but adding in the lovely cell shading for some detail!

Trixie's New Assistant by LunaHazACookie

NOTE: I cannot offer a full detail over a good background image as it adds more work for me and I normally will just use gradient colored backgrounds for an picture, so if that displeases you, then I guess I'm not the guy to provide you something you want then right? :/

What I can do: As how my arts always been depicting, I can make pics of OC's and canon characters paired together (ships), snake stuff like coils and constriction, hypnosis, that sort of stuff, and other stuff. Just tell me what it is by shooting me a note in detail.

Stuff I refuse to draw: Whatever's not mentioned from the statement above. It's either that I'm uncomfortable to show it on DA, or also it's not allowed to be featured here on DA. If you'd like to tell me what you actually wanted, send a note. Could be something I can work with and can be featured some place more suitable like Tumblr, and not on here.

Only One Rule: I have a right to refuse, so please don't persist on trying to seek a reason why I would deny service to you. If you want to hear from me as to why, I will gladly tell whether I am comfortable or not, but don't take what I say seriously, because it may be something that I'm probably just really against.

I will take only up to four slots, payments are made through Paypal!

So come get em. ;3

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We're halfway through this year, and for this journal, I'll spare you the reading and allow you to listen to what I have to say right here in my first ever video journal. ~ ^^

Please don't mind any possible background noises, maybe you'll hear a knock, but I'm not the best in video making guys, so please sit back, grab some popcorn, and just listen to my awkwardness.

Enjoy guys. ^^;

And please help support to bring back the MLP Vinyl Figure Series to stay in production here:…

Thank you all.

PS: I'm not trying to be a Leafy wannabe I swear. o3o
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If you haven't heard, you know those vinyl figures of ponies they'd sell in places like Hot Topic, Hastings, etc?

Well this petition has been out for awhile and I don't think y'all are aware of the situation.

They may stop production over a next possible series if we don't do something...

Think of it if the next series had Zecora, Starlight, and many others that haven't been made yet.

I'm just spreading the word over the figures that surely you and I enjoy collecting. Spread the word plz. ;-;
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If you haven't heard, you know those vinyl figures of ponies they'd sell in places like Hot Topic, Hastings, etc?

Well this petition has been out for awhile and I don't think y'all are aware of the situation.

They may stop production over a next possible series if we don't do something...

Think of it if the next series had Zecora, Starlight, and many others that haven't been made yet.

I'm just spreading the word over the figures that surely you and I enjoy collecting. Spread the word plz. ;-;
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So stream is done, and I couldn't have done it without multistreaming with :iconpenkenarts:

Thanks for inviting me in m8, it was fun doodling along with Rupie I believe? (Idk the persons DA mate. ;-; )

Was fun, mostly worked on Coco Pommel stuff. Happy streaming and I'll see you guys next time. ;3
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It has been coined; Unwatching me doesn't change I reached this milestone, so if my content displeases you, unwatch me at will and it's quite alright.

To celebrate, how about a :iconvannamelon: video? It's got Spike, it's got Twilight, it's got dubbed... and has feels. <3

Shout out to her, cause her content never fails to entertain.

Thank you all for watching me...
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I've seen birthday greetings and received a few gift arts, and I wanted to thank everyone for making me feel welcomed and wish me best of birthday wishes.

I'm grateful for the friends I've made and the watchers who all enjoy and love what I draw, is honestly the best thing I have about here on Deviantart.

So once again, thank you all so much. ~ ^^
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Thanks for watching. ~ ^^
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To People who haven't finished on S5 or know some parts that will follow along to the new upcoming season, turn away as it is a spoiler... I think. XD

Just thought I give out my expectations of what to expect from the new season that's already five days from right now. My thoughts are focused on two things that can be debatable; The Fandom, and the Show itself! These are just thoughts that shouldn't be taken personally but to be informed of possibilities and similar thoughts and reactions to what you might expect that I'm expecting.

I'll start off with expectations of the show:

1. The premiere has featured Sunburst in so you can finally see Starlight and him reunite. I believe their reunion can go from two different ways. One of course, “where have you been all my life” to hugs and tears; Or two, she would chew his plot out and demand an explanation as to why he left out on her for a long time to right now at a mature age. He left her when she was a filly and caused her to be the villain I never liked in the first place of all S5.

2. A far more better season than season 5 please. The episodes were full of senseless surprises that were either shit, or surprising that it was impressive. Regardless, the season was still shit.

3. Now that the Cutie Mark Crusaders earned their marks, their adventures are gonna go exactly like how they sang their song of earning their marks at the end of the episode of “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”. Their new purpose is to help others.

4. Season 5 so it seem was actually nothing but fanservice, so it didn't seem like they were giving it their best. Because it was all about fanservice; That and the map in Twilight's new castle doesn't give much but only like four quests and the first being to meeting Starlight. This season is said will involve literally around the land which will be pretty interesting and spectacular, something Season 5 didn't put in.

5. The newborn foal of Cadence and Shining Armor... obviously right? Speaking of foals, remember Baby Cakes? They came out since S2. You think they might have changed their appearance as toddlers by now? I'm hoping so, to top it off as Flurry Heart being the only foal for this season.

6. A new, possible of a monster or type of creature for a villain for this season since Starlight made the impression of being a main antagonist that's only a mere unicorn and not like other villains in premieres or finale's like Discord, Chrysalis, and Tirek.

7. With Starlight now a member of the 6 (I'm guessing it's true) she will be having episodes involving her perspective like the six and Crusaders would.

8. Starlight meeting Discord? :3

9. More Princess episodes? (Excluding Twilight, I mean Luna, Celestia, and Cadence)

10. A change in Diamond Tiara's behavior now? Then again, will she be replaced with a new character that may oppose the Crusaders?

11. Starlight basically replaced Sunset in the case she would ever return. Seems Sunset is only more importantly involved in Equestria Girls.

12. Possibly another episode or two not involving the main characters?

13. A special guest playing a new character for an episode like S4 was Weird Al and S5 was Lena Hall? :/

14. More Rarity perspective episodes than the other mane 6 er... 7 now. ^^;

15. Once the season is over, there probably won't be anymore until the upcoming movie next year passes, or probably the movie is the finale to the whole series in conclusion, which I honestly don't mind. From 5 and already soon to be 7 years of friendship is magic, I think it should end there.


And here are my expectations from the Fandom:

1. The salt and hate towards Flurry Heart just cause she's an alicorn? Like wut? Everyone's been expecting the couple to finally have a child and they got it. What's wrong with you now? What's next? You going to force writers to make the pair have an abortion? You guys are sick, it's just a baby. She's cute. (Forgive me for bringing up abortion, but the salt from the salty fans sounds like that's what they're wanting... how horrid). Why I say this, is I follow a group on Facebook and there was even a comment of someone wanting to strangle the foal and called it an abomination. So literally people take hate that far... over a cute baby alicorn foal... again... what's wrong with you? -.-

2. People will go ape shit crazy over a guest of the show that probably a majority of fans don't even know who he or she is. It's a complete killjoy, as I've felt this way for Lena Hall as Rara. I never understood why everyone was so excited for her, she's just a singer, settle down now.

3.Since the stupid Twicane meme carried onto Season 5 into the Slice of Life episode of which that meme is so annoying and redundant, doesn't make sense as it's just a valuable item of royalty of which no princess uses, which renders it useless. It's honestly the dumbest pony meme that leaves a bad taste in my mouth and just annoys me to all living hell.

4. Fluttershy fans overreacting to things that are a joke or harmful towards the character, but EVEN jokes. I like Fluttershy, not as a favorite, but I don't hate her. You guys make her overrated.

5. I can't understand who's more overrated. Rarity or Fluttershy. I know it's Fluttershy, but everyone keeps rooting Rarity with personality and stuff. All the six have personalities!

6. I like some memes, but I know there will still be ongoing jokes that are already old and just aren't funny anymore; For example Scootaloo being called a chicken. Old, less laughable, and redundant.

And that is all of my thought and speculations towards what to expect once Season 6 starts. What I've said may not be taken lightly as they are what I said they were.

So, I am pretty confident towards this new season, and am looking forward to what surprises and fun it holds. Fingers crossed, have some celebratory popcorn ready and tuning into (I don't have Discovery Family, but who needs it when you can watch everything on the internet), as I look forward to what the newborn is all about for the premiere. Until then, look forward to Saturday folks. ~

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It be nice and informative to throw this in as I am inactive when it comes to journal posts, but here's one if you're curious into learning some lovely facts about my main OC

The occasion for this was thanks to being tagged by :iconmercfox438: and will be in reference in a fact when I talk about this.

The rules so it seems which there's one I can't really comply with as you'll see it broken at the very end of this journal:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

The only character that's presented to this meme: Nightwish

Nightwish Reference (UPDATE: Read description) by LunaHazACookie

1.    Before meeting and being acquainted with Princess Luna as his role as her apprentice, Nightwish was granted opportunity to make an impression by preparing for her arrival 3 years before she returned to Equestria as Nightmare Moon. He was trained in the ways of her Lunar Guard of Thestral warriors that have praised her throughout their lives (My thought and headcanon to those bat-pony guards). A reference similar to that of Batman's origin (Much like the portrayal in Batman Begins) Nightwish was lastly tasked to kill off a prisoner brought to him, but refused. He never made it into the guard, and keeps a merciful streak towards Equestrian foes as he refuses to bring death to anything or anypony.

2.    He will take things being said in some phrase like meanings as he has a literal sense of humor.

3.    Has a redundant habit of taking things that are even at the slightest being off balance, such as being asymmetrical will drive him mad and determined to fix the problem.

4.    He is just as smart as Twilight, and uses his intellect unlike how Twilight is involved in magic, he uses it to create technological gadgets and devices. So you can say he's like Iron Man in a sense (Just not with a suit of armor, but wields hoof gauntlets installed with many functions and tools).

5.    He grew up in an orphanage in Canterlot, so Canterlot is his home.

6.    His allegiance to Princess Luna is expressed for his love and activeness in nighttime. He's grown dark eyebags, over the time since he first met the princess and was taken into her ways. He still does things in daylight as well, but more active during the night. He stays sleepless for about 4-6 days a week as for the rest of the 2 days would be when he would fall to much needed sleep as its normally during the weekend. And that's how he's featured with eyebags all the time

7.    He does care about his friends and loves spending time with them during his free time. He even helps generously, offering with the use of his tech. (Such as inventing Merc's synthetically bladed wings)

8.    A little connection to fact #3 as this characters trait inspired for me to give that to Nightwish and this would be a portrayal if Nightwish were in the actual show, his voice would sound like this as the character portrayed in the title is quite obvious. Give this video a watch as well to see how Nightwish would behave over the little things:


And here are my tags:


Tagging spreads, and I don't know much of others enough to tag them as I don't believe they'd care to play along, but this will not be passed along I'm afraid.

Fact's learned, tag disease extinguished by me for thanks to this post, and I hope you all got a kick out of this about Nightwish. ^^
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I don't post journals as often as I should, but the one before this one was out of mental thought and now is a vent since I couldn't do the inevitable. The feeling of seclusion in real life has always been a problem and often has made me feel unwanted by my friends. I have spoken to most of my friends both home, and from afar, and have made some amends that were positive as well as becoming more close to one another.

Even my family knows the truth of my break from college due to stress, and the result of their reaction was unexpected. Usually, I thought all that mattered was me getting an education so I wouldn't live down hardened jobs they go through, that and I thought that's all they cared about instead of my feelings. But instead of being mad, they felt the guilt of how I've been feeling about it and are willing to work with me to raise money for next semester. To think a selfless family only cared about their son to have a career so they wouldn't be ashamed of one not having one, they actually do care for me then for wanting me to be something I'm still working for.

This post is really late since the one before, but I've been wanting to say that I am feeling better, and know as well it's not worth it when there are people that you are super close to still matter. I would never let myself down to those around me, now, even if I have a moment of isolation to myself, I won't be for long. There would still be rough times between a lot of us, but things tend to get better all depending, and I'm waiting for when I see those results myself.

So therefore, I am feeling better. Now concerning with my art, I am as slow as a slug, but I do want to get more in depth with what I do, and improve into making more pictures daily as I should. It all requires time management and scheduling, as well as being comfortable, as somewhere where there is no privacy rather than my own bedroom has gotten me sluggish. Luckily, my parents agreed into getting me a work desk as rolly chair for my room so I wouldn't have such discomfort! And I'm pretty excited to looking forward to it!

So again, I'm feeling well, but am also grateful to have friends and watchers who do care, and not just for what I draw, but for me in general.

I wanted to get that out of the way and just let others know to not feel alone like myself as there will be those that you care, CARE about you as well; Friend or family member, someone has to care.

I wish everyone a good day!

PS: If you haven't heard the news, here's a promo for MLP S6 as well as the release date. My fingers are crossed that it should be better than S5 >w<

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I'm just done.

I'm feeling torn apart at this moment. I'm not in college as my parents don't know I'm skipping this semester and I can't take the stress. I get nothing in return with my friends over here either and I'm behind in my art. There's no hope left for me to continue. This may be my last journal post... I just don't want to continue. I'm tired of breathing and feeling miserable.

Take care everyone
Seem to lack updating the news of my activities and whereabouts.

I do apologize if you all expect more art or sometimes my presence than usual. College has been at my neck this whole semester and it has not been going well than I expected. Stressing through that, and trying to get my trades and requests done, the struggle is quite the tussle I'm having. I have not forgotten what was agreed upon to draw, so fret not I am doing as best as I can. I can say this though, once the the semester is over (in a few weeks or so) the free time will increase, which I can use to work on the trades/request at hand.

So again, I do have feelings and a brain. I'm sure you're all patient as you say, but it's smart not to push it for me either. Upon completion of the last request I have, I will be taking no more. No more freebies I'm afraid. I will be developing plans to see my worthy to do commissions now. Art trades however, will still be available. It's that saying that goes "If you scratch my back, then I scratch yours" which seems fair. I need the money if I am to survive any student debt or something. When that time is planned well and organized, I may make a pricing page/journal for when that day comes. And when I do commissions, respect whatever I draw that I please. I won't judge your art as you won't judge mine (constructive criticism however is allowed. I need the feedback that informs me of what I need to improve). College, some sad events, it's just gotten into me and has been slowing me down. I'll still be here as much as I can. Drawing is my thing which is a reason why I should still be here create some lovely pieces of work people could love as well as trying to relax with the audience.

That is all I have to say.
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So from the start of the week I've announced a little raffle. Only a few have entered a played my little game, and the winner wins a free drawing of their choice (Rules still apply to it like requests and art trades however).

And the lucky person that I drew out is...

My good friend :iconquanscouts15:.

Congrats. Now that you know this, be sure you understand the rules of what I can and can't draw here.
Request Information and Rules/10,000 PageviewsHow come I haven't spoke about this? Well, now I am talking about it and it calls for a celebration!
I just hit 10,000 pageviews here which I believe is an achievement to be remembered. It doesn't sound like it's something worth celebrating, but it is. For that, I will now enable acceptance of taking requests once again. This journal post will be linked in my page as a source for the rules and information I will provide so keep that in mind. Anyways, I'm grateful of how noticing my work is becoming. I guarantee it will improve even more when my skill evolves to greater lengths and the once I acquire the right art software like SAI and getting a digital tablet.
So once again, thank you all.
Now for below is everything that has to do with requests! Read please before asking me for a request.
Information: I will be taking only up to three requests (Each request being different and not of the same individual. One person can't take up all three slots for what

I look forward to hearing from you. ~
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I was always hoping for Fighting is Magic to be a dream come true but it sadly had to be ceased and desist...

However, with Lauren coming up with something new to be a fighting game, I was surprised by all this.

A shoutout for the developers Mane6, The creators of the upcoming fighting game Them’s Fightin’ Herds. It was originally a game called My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic before they were sent a Cease and Desist letter and had to halt all production.

Lauren Faust(producer and developer of MLP:FIM) is helping support this new game, helping to provide backstory, characters and lore.

They still need to raise a substantial amount for development in 10 short days, so if you’re a fan of fun, extremely fluid four-legged fighting games, take a look. $15 nets you the game plus a bunch of little goodies.  I just really, REALLY want to see this funded.

Click on this link to donate.  No account creation necessary!…

Here is a demo video of the gameplay:…

Also: Here's the devstream that featured Faust herself!
Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3:[link]

I'm sure we can do it. The thought of seeing a sad Lauren Faust really trembles me... If you got any spirit in you, then show her you can do it by donating.

Thank you.
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