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Commission - Aria and Nyah


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Seasoned Annie 2021 | I

Admired Designs

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Commission : @ninjuhkiddd

Cute Creature Companions

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Beautiful Environments

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How to THINK when you draw HEAD ANGLES tutorial!

Human Resources

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Design and Adoptable Resources

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How to THINK when you draw FUR tutorial!

Animal Resources

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How to THINK when you draw SHIRTS tutorial!

Object and Clothing Resources

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Pixel Icon Tutorial

Pixel Art Resources

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How to THINK when you draw FANTASY MAPS tutorial!

Composition and Environment Resources

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Grass Tutorial 2

Plants and Nature Resources

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How to THINK when you draw WHIRLPOOLS tutorial!

Elemental Resources

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Photoshop Demos Resource #94 - Rainbow Tutorial

Digital Art Resources

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Skin Palette for MyPaint

Color Resources

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Custom Profile Tutorial

Your profile brings out your uniqueness! Hello Friends! I'm excited to have finished a tutorial on how to make your profile stand out and be fancy! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below :) Happy creating! ~ @KovoWolf Customize Your Profile Cover Image :deviantart: Dimensions: 1600px x 800px Let your art speak to those who visit your profile by adding a fancy cover image! Show off your best work, or make a custom image that really tells the viewer who you are! How To Change Your Cover Image Hover over the cover image area Click CHANGE COVER IMAGE Upload an image (it will be sent to your or choose an existing image from your gallery You can adjust your image up and down for the perfect fit Done! Customize Your Carousel Gallery :deviantart: Dimension: 1200px x 720 A fun way to greet your visitors, is you can create custom images for your horizontal carousel on the top section of your page! For example, I created a

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Cute bridge

Adorable Free-to-Use Stuff

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ZOMBIMIES! - closed species

Interesting Original Species

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// commissions . CLOSED //

♡ pondei ( ♡ hey guys ! i'm finally getting around to opening comms (*・∀・*) with school and other things , i can currently only do pixel icons/pagedolls and the occasional chibi/semichibi + they will be slow , but they're cheap . sorry in advance ! i accept points and paypal ! 100  = $1 To-Do + Waitlist + TOS Donate ? PIXELpeach icons . 100  ( base price ) - expression : o-o / ovo / ono / o.o - base price includes 1 blink animation - +25  for complex charas - + 5  for white surrounding line - +5  per additional blink - +5  for giggle - +5  for speech bubble : <3 / ! / ? / angry - more animations


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Flowering Moon

Sun, Moon, and Stars

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