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Hey there ^^ My name is Mandy, I'm from Germany.

First, thanks for checking my page and photos.

I love to travel and capture everything in photos - especially the feeling I have while traveling. I hope you like my work.

See ya ^^

springtime 2020

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 Hi Guys, It's springtime again. Unfortunately, I can't really be happy about it at the moment. The current global situation is simply too difficult for that. The times are difficult and uncertain. But please: stay at home!! The good thing is, you finally have time to edit pictures that have been waiting here for ages ^^ I actually have a job that is still there as emergency care. However, I have had to stay at home since yesterday until the end of March. I find the situation just creepy right now. I hope everything is going well :heart: I will cancel my April trip to Romania soon, so as soon as possible. And I hope you are fine! T
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.winter 2019.

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Es gibt so wunderweiße Nächte Es gibt so wunderweiße Nächte, drin alle Dinge Silber sind. Da schimmert mancher Stern so lind, als ob er fromme Hirten brächte zu einem neuen Jesuskind. Weit wie mit dichtem Diamantstaube bestreut, erscheinen Flur und Flut, und in die Herzen, traumgemut, steigt ein kapellenloser Glaube, der leise seine Wunder tut. Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) Hi^^ It's only a week until Christmas and only two weeks until the year is over. This year was over so quickly. And sometimes that feeling really scares me. Time is racing. But actually it was a great year. I met a lot of new
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.autumn 2019.

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Yeah, it's autumn again. It's been a while since the latest journal entry... Dies ist ein Herbsttag ... (Christian Friedrich Hebbel, 1813-1863) Dies ist ein Herbsttag, wie ich keinen sah! Die Luft ist still, als atmete man kaum, Und dennoch fallen raschelnd, fern und nah, Die schönsten Früchte ab von jedem Baum. O stört sie nicht, die Feier der Natur! Dies ist die Lese, die sie selber hält, Denn heute löst sich von den Zweigen nur, Was von dem milden Strahl der Sonne fällt. In Mai and June I visited some concerts. It was so great! And I've done a short trip to Munich and Verona... There are still so
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Hello, I've been absent in this site for so long and when I decided to visit it I saw that I haven't replied to message you left me 11 years ago. lol. Great gallery you have in here.😃


I hope you had a wonderful celebration!!

Usagyuuun party popper

Happy Mew... Happy New Year

♥ Glückliches neues Jahr! ♥

Thank you ❤️ I wish you the same

belle galerie 👍