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Akintale: Sans's smile part1



An Undertale AU in which Frisk and Chara are an angel and demon respectively, both guide and assist the human throughout their journey. (Chara gains control over the SOUL at the end of a genocide as punishment, Frisk does the same at the end of a true pacifist but their reasons for doing so is currently unclear.) The 'human' is called Sam, because gender neutral. (the reason for this will also be explained in a later part, not for a while though, sorry)

Feel free to translate, dub or post this as much as you want as long as you make it clear you didn't create it and put a link to the original.

The section where the art style changes is because the story is now being told by the dog, every character will have their own art style for stories they tell.
Updated to change the dog's font to something more readable (Extrafine).
This is set in a neutral run post a genocide run hence Chara calling Frisk a liar at Grillby's.

Ruins             - neutral death level
Toriel             - Slain
Snowdin        - neutral death level
Papyrus         - Spared
Waterfall               - NA
Undyne                 - NA
Hotland                 - NA
Mettaton               - NA

All characters (excluding the dog) and locations are from Undertale and owned by Toby Fox.
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Oh no, did gaster force sans to smile with some sort of device?