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Ask questions to any of the Akintale cast members (mainly Ace, Chara, Frisk, Papyrus, Sans and Wingdings though any of the main Undertale cast is fine too) in the comments of any of the Ask deviations and you will get an answer. You can also ask any of the original 8 Gasters and their creator Pegaarm Dreemurr.

Whether or not they end up being drawn depends on the question, some may get just get in-character replies or written pieces. Also, some questions may have been answered on the Akintale Wiki which also contains some information on Ace's family and will record all Asks and their responses.

You can ask any character at any point in the story, just state the character and run you want. Asks that either lack or run or is asked to WD, will be randomly given and those that lack a character will be presented to all characters that can give an answer.
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