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Cake Decorating Woes
it was all going so nicely
but everything ends.
And  a day like today, a summer day
with cloudless sky and sun
a lot of heat, a lot of mess-
If you're using buttercream
which, I mean, really
has butter in the name
then you're asking for it, on a day like today.
A day like today, with the children too hot to play
and the workers too hot to work-
well, really, dear, it's like wearing a swimsuit in January.
all those friendly little nonpareils are going to melt
right off.
see, I knew it.
Just look at you!
there's red all over the place, and dear god, honey
do you realize how long it takes to make those little
gumpaste flowers
and now they're all over the floor.
It's just not the right kind of day for this.
You probably should have worn fondant instead, it still gets soft
but at least it looks nice.
look, I know some people don't like fondant
but you can't please everyone.
I know you're just a children's cake
but try to have some style, please.
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 3 2
TMDRound1- Songs of the River
At least there was a little more definition to this dreamscape, thought Luna with a sigh.  She and Johnny had been sent- well, perhaps that wasn't the right word- to a new location,  though they hadn't physically moved.  They had just stood, and the world had dissolved and reformed around them.  Quite bizarre.  
Johnny hadn't said anything to her in a long while.  Mostly they kept away from each other, he nonchalantly pulling a packet of filterless cigarettes out of his jacket pocket and lighting it up with a flick of a silver lighter, and she too shy to approach him and try and figure out what the strange dream-figures wanted them to do.  So far, they hadn't seen anyone else in this place- the new place, that is.
Luna ran her hands up and down her arms.  This level of definition in a dream was rare for her- for all her practice at lucid dreaming, she usually didn't see things or feel things quite this clea
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 1 4
TMD Audition- Bring The Dawn
She rarely saw the dawn.
Charitably, one could call Luna nocturnal.  Last night, as was her habit, she had wandered the halls of the house alone, in the dark, silently, for fear of waking anyone up just because she was awake, and could not sleep.  She slept maybe ten minutes, curled up, and then at four thirty her friends were up and about, and she sipped at a cup of coffee and was bundled into the car.
They were headed out to attend a wedding three states over, and time- for right now- was a bit tight, so they drove out before the sky had even started to get light.  Curled up in the back of the car- for she couldn't drive and was regulated to the back- she pillowed her head on the side of the window and watched the sky go from inky to grey to pale, pale pink.  The sun was still absent, but the light was breaking through even the thick clouds that covered the sky.   
Luna beat a pattern with her hands against the blanket she'd coco
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 1 1
TMD Character Ref- Johnny
Name:Johnny Rises-from-the-City
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175
Build:  Tall and wiry, with long. elegant limbs.  He is a chiseled sort of pretty boy, with a delicate yet very masculine look, and he is lightly muscled, thought not very much.   
Skin: Dark tan, almost reddish skin.  He is, after all, Native American
Hair: Black, thick and sleekly shiny, it's straight and cut a little longer than his shoulders.  He does different things with it all the time (or, to be more precise, his stylist does), and requires a lot of hair product.
Eyes: Narrow and somewhat deeply set in his head, and a dark, dark brown.
Facial Details: His face is sharply featured, with high cheekbones and a handsome jaw line.  His brow is high and his eyebrows carefully trimmed, and he has a full, sensual mouth that always looks a
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 1 7
TMD Author Ref- Luna
Name:Luna Invidia
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: A lady does not reveal her weight (but heavier than she'd like) Somewhere in between 150 and 200.
Build:  Short and curvy, with a short torso and long legs.  Her feet and hands are very small, and she has a large chest, which makes her look a little top-heavy.  Most of the extra weight is in her belly, and she takes great pains to cover it with clothing; still, she can charitably be described as "chubby".
Skin: Tan, not particularly dark but still not Caucasian.  Her complexion is good, though her face flushes easily.  
Hair: Very dark brown.  Most people mistake it for black.  It falls to her knees, and is usually kept clipped up in a messy bun.  It's very thick, and is normally a little bit wavy, but will puff up into a frizzy mass if it gets wet.
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 1 4
Archaic Excuses
How much of you did I build to suit myself?
Sometimes I forget, I forget that people are people
and I think I can treat them the way I treat the bits of myself I put in stories.
I build, I shape, I recreate
and then I am surprised when these realities made fantasy act in unexpected ways.
I paint my memories as I like them and I know I am forgetting things.  
The world does not keep track for me, has no way to remind me that the world did not build itself
around me
I still have moments where I realize, this is another consciousness I am talking to.
for the most part I can make the distinction, or do I think I am the only one who thinks?
I am not that arrogant, and yet.  And yet.
It would be lonely to be a god.
and so too, in loving you who may or may not have been my own creation,
I too was shaped and modeled after a fashion.
Before you, I cannot remember having a sense of self,  I cannot remember life, existence.
Everything I am now, I can find in you, and
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 8 3
OC from Scratch Meme by Lunacat-chan OC from Scratch Meme :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 1 7
Mature content
sensual frustration :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 2 4
Fleur de Sel
In my mind, but not in memory
I have felt the clattering of bones on bones
and been whirled about in a mad dance
tossed from hand to hand by faceless strangers
felt the cloying stiffness of lace at my throat and at my breasts
Felt too the simmering heat, the longing
the despair
when you did not come
and who are all these people?
They are not you.
The rush again, the press of silence, of stillness
and incongruous red poinsettias in July
Always the sense of emptiness echoing back from glass and gleam
to mock the girl, too young for this, in her trailing skirts.
Always the sense
of something left undone
And past the ruffling skirts
crisp with years that haven't happened yet
and through the winding, tiny, blanching claustrophobic hallways
into the sharpness of the rain
I never felt so withdrawn, so afraid
Even in my dreams, may I not be free to kiss you?
But for once- for once
I felt a sort of keenness in your smile
I have kissed you like this before
and then you were soft and yielding, an
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 11 2
Irish Cream Cheesecake by Lunacat-chan Irish Cream Cheesecake :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 7 5 Oh, Kaaaseeekoooo by Lunacat-chan
Mature content
Oh, Kaaaseeekoooo :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 2 2
The Girl in the Mask by Lunacat-chan The Girl in the Mask :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 10 8 2010 Year in Review by Lunacat-chan 2010 Year in Review :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 0 2
The Aftereffects of Mourning
I don't mention
how many times I think I see
you walking
or driving
or simply sitting with a book.
I don't talk about that
though every time my heart stops
just for a second.
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 0 2
took out the last photo
of you that I've got
an old one from maybe five, six years ago
Took a lighter, a heap of cigarettes
from the stash he keeps on top of the fridge
Sit outside, see how long it takes
To burn memories clean away.
takes a few tries to light the picture
and then barely once to light up my cig
cold fingers, burning plastic smell
and harsh, unfamiliar smoke
and the light of a icy false dawn
If the flames catch my hair, then so be it
At least-
:iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 0 1
Secret Santa '10 by Lunacat-chan Secret Santa '10 :iconlunacat-chan:Lunacat-chan 1 9
Scribblings straight from the brain of the Luna. I make no promises.

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dA still alienates gay community with prejudice
Since the beginning of this site, dA has been repeatedly criticized for its homophobic approach to art. Homosexual couples (specifically male-male representations because lesbians are hawt, guys) in particular have been repeatedly targeted by the site's admins for deletion, an occurrence so pervasive that one deviant, reapersun was able to hold an entire contest to attempt to illustrate the line of discrimination.
You might say, "the site is simply prudish!" Not true. They have an entire section labeled "fetish". Pictures of women having intercourse with tentacle monsters? De rigeur. Buick sized breasts oozing buckets of milk? Fine. But two consenting adults (especially male adults) touching? Kissing? My GOD, what filth!
The newest and most blatant example of dA's skewed treatment of gay people is a new stamp by prosaix
Try reporting it. You can't.
Why? Because tons of people have already tried and dA administrators have marked the case "invalid".
Their stock answ
:iconmissveryvery:missveryvery 1,264 3,481
Flight and Fetters by QueenGwenevere Flight and Fetters :iconqueengwenevere:QueenGwenevere 60 43





Luna Invidia
United States
pretty sure that about half my pageviews nowadays come from Law of Talos fans. HELLO, LoT FANS! I AM SORRY I DON'T HAVE MORE KARL FOR YOU, PLEASE BROWSE MY GALLERY ANYWAY.


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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 12, 2011, 12:23 PM

Okay, got tired of that mopey other journal!

TODAY I GOT TO CHAT WITH FELICIA DAY.  Oh my god.  SHE TYPED MY NAME :heart: :heart: :heart:

I'm never deleting these screenshots.

Anyway.... my fangirling aside.

I'm going to be judging the delightful :iconAnachronism-OST: !  The premise: take a comically-exaggerated historical character THROUGH TIME to help Gandhi fight Hitler.

Yes.  It is that awesome.

I hope to see everyone join, they're accepting comics, flash, and writing!

Time for me to go squeal about Felicia Day some more.  8D

Also this will be the last fancy journal I think.  Thank you again, Ganth.

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