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Tears For Thoses

"Fear not what you are, but what you will do. For I have seen many pass by
my door. My crooked hands, they do not take, stained with the blood of their
kind. I can do nothing more than shed my tears for their sorrows. To them I
am their end but to me, I am just a man."

Grimmly Bonez (c) Shenanigans
Art:© Lunaart (c) Miss-Noidentity teeny bouncing blue question mark
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I watch way too much Sherlock artwork. I was sure it was him in some weird AU. But I love the way this guy looks, the rose on his hat, the bow, his hair, his cool hair.
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Haha, it's fine he does look like sherlock.
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Heartbreaking and stunning - you really outdid yourself on this one!
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Thank you so much~! I wanted to do something near bone crushing sadness.
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Ah Grim, welcome back to Deviant Art :)

This is gonna sound random but a long time ago when we talked about your characters and you said that in your dreams you were able to catch and kiss your male OC's accept Grim XD

So tell me, have you finally caught the slippery bugger? :P
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Whoa that was a long time ago, I don't recall that dream but I wouldn't doubt it happening. My mind has the tendency of never giving me what I want I can't say it has given me Grimmly or any other of my boos. Danisnotonfire 5 
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