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Happy Easter 2006

yeah i know it's a lil too early to post a Easter picture but i won't be here on Easter

so ermm enjoy this lame bunny picture =B

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Hi Luna777, I noticed a derivative of your artwork here [link] and was wondering if you were anyway involved with this creation, have allowed for rights to this to be passed on, would like credit for this, or would like it removed?

Hi! I'm one of the Editors from NewsErrado, a blog from Brazil.
I liked very much your work and posted it in a collection about the Easter Bunny, if it's ok to you.
If you would like to check the result you are welcome:[link]
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^w^ aww... that is super cute :3 i love poses and expressions on the face
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Hahahaha I love that blue rabbit! <3 So adoraboo! They're both so adoraboo! Huzzah for BUNNEHS :D
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Aww, that's adorable! ^^

I love how you drew the bunnies. They look really innocent and playful. I like how they're working together to paint the egg, heh. Very colorful!
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awww they look really cute adn adorable. rawr i really really love the way you drew them. wonderful job on the colors! beautiful pic girl! and happy easter you too. *huggles*
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awww, so kawaii, oh yesh HAPPY EASTER TO YA TOO:hug:
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oh it's so cuteness :aww: :glomp: into my :+fav: basket it goes :w00t: :highfive: Excellent sweetness ya did there :w00t:
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CUTENESS! :floating: I love this! :blowkiss: Bunnies are awesome! :w00t!:
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*foams fromt he cuteness* X3 I just oodly Love it!! :excited:
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awwww the bunnies look so cute and adorable I really like how you drew and coloured it in hope you enjoy Easter nice work and keep it up :hug:
Hi there

Awww, such a cutie wutie lil pic of bunnies ^^ Lovely job my lovely angel

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D'AWWWWW! ^W^ so cute ^^ nice work on the BG too :) great work as always :clap:
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It's not lame, it's very cute |3
Happy early easter i guess XD;;~:heart:
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o_o it's adorable! ^-^ *huggles the bunnies, faves it* nn

really nice lineart and background 'n stuff. =p
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Very cute bunnies Luna, great job on this ^^
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Dziekuje i nawzajem :D
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aww that's so cute Lua n__n *picks up bunny and cleans him off*
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looks very cute and very easter like
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aww adorable! ^O^ happy easter to you too :)
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Wow, to jest piękne...:+fav:
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yay! bunnies!!!
Happy Easter!1 :hug:
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soo cute i love it :clap:
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