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Luna! Expressions! by Luna3231 Luna! Expressions! :iconluna3231:Luna3231 0 0 Ink x Oc by Luna3231 Ink x Oc :iconluna3231:Luna3231 2 1 Brightheart's regret by Luna by Luna3231 Brightheart's regret by Luna :iconluna3231:Luna3231 3 2


Da-Animals Art Feature: Fourth Week Of March '18
Eagles Fly Where Lesser Birds Cannot
Fly, So Eagles Can Do What Lesser
Birds Cannot Do. 
Be The Change You Wish To See 
In The World.



A summer part. by Phototubby
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 51 33
Safe In My Arms (Ink!Sans x Abused!Reader)
You suddenly woke up sharply and sat up with a gasp, trying to breathe normally as tears welled up in your eyes.
You saw it was still night out, but knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d have to get up for another miserable day. Your parents just treated you like a servant and you had to fend for yourself.
“(Name)!” You heard and jumped a bit. “Come down here and move this picture!”
You got up tiredly and moved downstairs. “Faster, you lazy brat!” Your father said with a glare.
You moved toward the picture your mother was pointing at and carefully lifted it off the wall, trying not to stumble as you were very tired. “Now, move it to another wall,” your mother demanded.
You had only just gotten to the opposite wall when your leg buckled and you fell down, the picture in your arms falling and the glass shattered while the canvas tore. “You little brat!” You heard your verbally abusive father yell at you.
But suddenly
:iconcrazygirlauto5:CrazygirlAuto5 124 28
Cross!Sans - Underverse!Sans by JakeiArtwork Cross!Sans - Underverse!Sans :iconjakeiartwork:JakeiArtwork 817 37 Cross!Sans - UNDERVERSE by JakeiArtwork Cross!Sans - UNDERVERSE :iconjakeiartwork:JakeiArtwork 762 107 Rainbow Factory - Old drawing Redraw by Nasuki100 Rainbow Factory - Old drawing Redraw :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 1,535 92 SHORT EYEBROWS by WinEira SHORT EYEBROWS :iconwineira:WinEira 251 117
Dirty Hacker|Error!Sans x Reader
For the past few days, you've been playing Undertale nonstop, hoping to reach every ending you possibly could as a little "challenge" to yourself. Even though it merely changed Sans' message to you at the very end, you were still curious about the Underground's fate depending on who you spared of killed.
At last, you've reached every ending possible, though you had the feeling that something was...missing. Like there was suppose to be a secret ending of some sort.
Then you thought: what if you hacked the game?
Not actually corrupt it like some players would, but just to tweak a few things and mess with the files just a smidgen.
And that's exactly what you did.
After you decided to kill off Flowey this time, you continued you forward. After your screen faded to white, the credits popped up, but you skipped over them quickly just to hear Sans' message. Somehow you had a feeling that he might not even acknowledge the hack.
Sure he might know about the resets and past timelines, but
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 252 68
Skelepreg!Ink!Sans! x Reader (Pillow Fort Preg)
(Yep! More Skelepreg! XD This time, of our favorite precious Ink!Sans! ....I'm gonna get crucified for this, aren't i? XD)
"Heeeeeeeeeeey!" He called out to you after a long day of work. You smiled, seeing he made a nice snack for you. He'd always been a good cook. You smile, giving him a long hug.
Ink!Sans, or, Inky, as you loved to call him, greeted you with a nice hug. Though, considering that a huge thunder storm had happened and you were gone longer, he gave you a hug that felt like it kinda crushed your bones. You mentioned this, and he looked worried. He apologized a lot. "S-Sorry!" You say it's okay, and ask if he wants to head inside. He nods yes, and you both head inside.
Inky smiled at you. "Do you need anything? I can help!" You decline, smiling. Inky frowned lightly. "Oh, okay....wanna cuddle, at least~?" You blush lightly, mainly because of how...subtle he is, even though he had gotten pregnant a few days ago from you, and you were thinking, "Why is he so calm?" But, anyw
:iconmatthewtails:matthewtails 9 48
OC idea 1 by Blueberry2345 OC idea 1 :iconblueberry2345:Blueberry2345 1 0
Please welcome our new member!
Thank you to everybody who sent in an application to our survey! We had an incredible response! We ended up with 24 applications, with an amazing 16 coming in the first 24 hours!
It was extremely difficult to pick out a new member, but we finally got there and are happy to announce that :iconUndertakerMichaelis: is our new member! :clap:
:iconbirthdays:birthdays 7 13
Cross-over(AU!Sans x Reader)~WHERE THE FLIP AM I?!
As I said, I would create this, but I haven't played this, plz Help me with this. Oh, I don't own Undertale or any of the other AU's. The only things I own are the plot and my OC(Own Character) starts before you, Reader-chan, my OC(Nickname: Goldie), and Frisk fall into the Underground. This is part 1, who knows how many there will be... anyway, ONTO The STORY!!! *THIS IS SHORT!!!*
    Goldie's P.O.V.~
    Waiting for my friends, ____ and Frisk, I decided to try out my powers. Oh, where are my manners? My name is Goldie, and I'm 14 years old. anyway back to trying my powers. I closed my eyes and focused on seeing people's souls. When I opened my eyes, I could see my friends' souls. Frisk's soul was a red heart. I gasped slightly at ___'s. Her soul was losing color and it was a beautiful (f/c) color. But I will change that. I will put more color into her soul. And I'll do that by going to Mt. Abott with them.
    I do
:icontwilight-z:twilight-z 3 1
Stop The CORE!!! (Don't do this---Edit)
(I will delete this, shortly)
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 1 1
Happy 2nd Anniversary, Undertale! (late) by XxCoolestChic Happy 2nd Anniversary, Undertale! (late) :iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 16 4
Should I do it? ink- sans x reader?
Yo what's up guys?!
i was wondering since I love ink sans if I should write a fanfiction 
As in an x reader?
i can't decide!
So here the question 
should I do it?
YES ------- NO
leave it in the comments please!
:iconnj-virus:Nj-virus 2 43
Ink!Sans x colorblind!reader
You were watching your friend Ink as he was working on a new painting. You smiled as you watched him, then frowned as you remembered that you couldn't see the colors. You had been colorblind for almost your entire life. You could only see if black and white. Ink seems to notice that you were upset and turns to face you, setting down his paintbrush.
"*y/n? what's wrong?" you looked back up at him.
"Ink... can you tell me what the colors are like?" Ink seemed a bit surprised at your sudden question. he had already known about you being colorblind, but it didn't bother him one bit.
"*well..." he gently took your hand into his and helped you off of your bed. he picked up his paintbrush again and dipped it into some yellow paint. he then made a mark on the paper in yellow paint. "*Let's start with yellow. Yellow can represent many things. It represents sunshine, happiness, and hope. On the other hand, it can also stand for cowardice and deceit..." You nodded in understand.
~smol timeskip fi
:iconfatalimpurity0:FatalImpurity0 15 2
Ink!Sans x Reader - No Title XD (Lemon)
A/N: In this story, you're a really good artist! You're so awesome Reader-Chan/Senpai! >3
:iconxxcoolestchic:XxCoolestChic 120 378


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Luna! Expressions!
This is my new art style and my OC Luna's expressions! Well main ones!
So I was wondering if you guys want a AU sans lemon story if due star this and type which one you want
There's my OC x Ink sans pic
#Lemon #romance #ask #forwatchers

embedded_item1521497717751 by Luna3231
Need ideas for warrior cats first series ideas and only characters
Ink x Oc
Luna is my Oc made by me she's half nemo and wolf and has magic and half demon and Angel. over protective over loved ones and here is a picture of Luna x Ink Sans

Drawing belongs to Luna3231
Body base belongs to MiuePay
Ink belongs to Comyet
Sans belongs to Undertale and Undertale belongs to TobyFox

am I writing the links right?😐😐😐😁
Hands hurt now😥🙄😢🙃


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