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More of the same tripe I always draw.

I don't want to draw anymore.

Download for a very long and arduous event file, if you really feel like it.

Title: [link]
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I will forever be blown away by your talent. I can't even wrap my head around it. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.
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Please don't stop drawing! cuz you're awesome and better at it than me and giving up sucks :[ and...ily
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Fuckin' amazing..
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This is some absolutely gorgeous tripe. The wings and mane are especially wonderful ♥
Perhaps you should take a stroll away from your comfort zone, that usually makes me inspired again when I get bored of my art. Draw something you don't normally draw, or use a medium you don't normally use? ;Þ
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your shading and those wings are fantaaaaabuloouussss :heart:
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god, I love this colour scheme. and the composition is amazing.

and we all have days where we don't want to draw, but look at how much talent you have. you're amazing, and those aren't just empty words. <3 i promise.
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What is making you lose intrest? Art was your biggest and strongest thing about you
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I like your art anyway.
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Truly an astonishing work of art!

It would be a sad day for us all if you stopped :(

Sell it as a print, if you can :)
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I've been told by a wiser man than myself that when you're feeling like giving up is often the time just before a major breakthrough. Don't give up yet. This is beautiful.
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aww, whats wrong? I can understand being frustrated at doing the same type over and over, but don't give up yet, try and broaden your art base a bit :)
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'the same tripe'? hardly. you're an amazing artist and you're one of my art-idols.
you have an amazing talent that you've worked hard for and it really shows! i'm not just saying this, either- i know all artists get frustrated with their own works- hell, sometimes i want to give up and just not draw any more either, but then i look at where i've come from and realize that only a few years ago i would have given anything to draw how i draw now... and know i'll feel the same if i just keep at it.

try to find your muse- the thing that first inspired you to draw. think about what it would be like to never draw again.

if nothing else, take an extended hiatus. just draw as you feel like drawing. try new styles, attempt to grow only as you feel you wish to. no one will judge you and if they do, they're not worth it anyhow.
you deserve to be able to experiment as you please, and if that means not drawing for a while, then do it, but i think you'll find that there is an underlying cause to not wanting to draw, and that it's not really drawing itself.
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I was just on your profile yesterday going ":C no activity since august?" And am so happy you came out with another drawing :D event file yessss :D

You have such a great gift, just look at this! It would be a sad day if you stopped drawing. ono

Best of luck!
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oh Luna ;n; this is so so lovely, I can't even
those colors are /amazing/ and the way you painted the wings and the legs and just everything is such an inspiration. and that TAIL gosh I love wispy tails like that.

It sucks you feel that way about drawing, though D: If you wanna talk, I'm always around. : D
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Really gorgeous use of color. I really adore how simple you made the planet, but how detailed you made the character. To me, it makes the character in focus. It's as if the eye were actually looking at the character; it's how our eyes work, and you pulled it off really well. It's really skillful.

I'm sorry that you don't want to draw anymore, but I really dig this piece you've done.
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