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Color Boy by Luna-Mini-Milka Color Boy :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 3 0 Sylveon cosplay by Luna-Mini-Milka Sylveon cosplay :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 4 11 Dragon Age OC - Liwen WIP by Luna-Mini-Milka Dragon Age OC - Liwen WIP :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 0 2
Rainy Day - Eren x Reader ModernAU
     Eren didn't even know why he stepped outside, let alone why he went to the park. When it started to rain, he only knew he shouldn't have. It took him about ten minutes to get to the nearest bus stop and by then, droplets were dripping from his hair and onto his eyelids. The brown locks were stuck to his temples, he brushed them off his forehead to read the timetable as he finally got under the empty bus shelter. He only looked at the afternoon column.
“1:05, 1:46, 2:25, 2:50, 3:20, 3:57,” he read softly, for himself.
     Eren checked the time on his mobile, 3:23pm. He momentarily hated himself for not walking faster and missing a bus, but ended up sighing and decided to bear with it since he couldn't do better than waiting. He sat down on the uncomfortable bench and took out his earphones. He only put one in, since the sound of the rain wasn't really unpleasant to listen to. His music blended in well with it and he absentmindedly looked a
:iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 44 30
A Thousand Miles - Jack Frost x Reader ModernAU
“Wow I've got a comment!”
     You had recently uploaded a drawing on DeviantART after watching the movie the Rise of the Guardians. You tried drawing Jack decorating a window and were happy with the intricate yet delicate frost patterns, but nobody gave you any feedback so far. Receiving your first comment was enough to make you smile all day long.
     Clicking on your inbox, the said comment appeared on your screen.
“Whoa! The frost patterns on this are so cool! How did you do that? It's great!”
     You squealed and immediately started typing your reply.
“Thank you sooo much!
Well, I looked for pictures of real frost on Google and watched ROTG again haha. It took some time to figure out how to draw that and I'm really happy that you like it!”

     You sent it, smiling widely, and then went on the page of your deviation. You had forgotten to read the username of your fellow
:iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 136 141
Landscape drawing by Luna-Mini-Milka Landscape drawing :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 5 6 Alisse x Gwen by Luna-Mini-Milka Alisse x Gwen :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 4 3 ''Gwen'' colo by Luna-Mini-Milka ''Gwen'' colo :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 5 5 ''Liriya'' colo by Luna-Mini-Milka ''Liriya'' colo :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 3 0 ''Pikatritos'' colo by Luna-Mini-Milka ''Pikatritos'' colo :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 1 0 ''Piggyback Ride'' colo by Luna-Mini-Milka ''Piggyback Ride'' colo :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 6 2 ''Who Are You..?'' colo by Luna-Mini-Milka ''Who Are You..?'' colo :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 3 2 Alphya chibi Homestuck-like by Luna-Mini-Milka Alphya chibi Homestuck-like :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 4 8
RP Liriya-Issaal-Alphya p.1
Comme prévu, Alphya arriva peu après le début de la nuit, pour ne pas la déranger. Elle avait trouvé assez facilement son nid, et avait de toute façon donné des indications à Issaal sur Trollian avant de se mettre en route. Une fois devant la porte, elle frappa, attendant que Liriya vienne lui ouvrir.
*En entendant toquer à la porte, Liriya abandonna la confection de ses meringues et alla ouvrir* Alphyaaaa !
La jeune troll sourit doucement. Elle voyait Liriya pour la première fois.
-Salut Liriya.
Elle remarqua les mains de sa comparse, un peu farineuses, mais ne fit aucun commentaire quant aux meringues. Elle se contenta de lui tendre une peluche à l'air... plutôt singulier. C'était un animal gris, à quatre petites pattes, avec une tête rondouillette et de grandes oreilles pointues. Cela ne ressemblait pas à un chat terrestre, mais Alphya n'en avait pas la moin
:iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 0 10
RP1 Issaal-Alphya
Alphya n'avait pas pour habitude de se hâter pour quoi que ce soit. Seulement, cette fois, il s'agissait de quelque chose d'important. Entre son moiral et un de ses amis. Elle se dépêcha donc, courut une grande partie du chemin. Heureusement, Issaal n'habitait pas très loin. Quand elle arriva à son nid, elle se permit d'entrer en trombe.
Elle se retrouva... face à un bureau, sous lequel se cachait son ami. La troll se figea, un air assez débile sur le visage.
- I...Issaal ? Uh, Tritos n'est pas là ?

*le jeune troll était calé sous son bureau en train de regarder ses pieds, et lorsqu'il entendit Alphya, il eut un sursaut qui lui valu de se cogner la tête dans sa cachette minable* AW OH FUuuUUU-!!! *il se traina hors de cette dernière avant de regarder son ami avec un air totalement... con.* Eeeeh..? Alphya..? Eeeh... Non il est pas là.... enfin je l'attendais mais euh. bah, voil
:iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 3 6
Alphya Mayhem RPG-Stuck by Luna-Mini-Milka Alphya Mayhem RPG-Stuck :iconluna-mini-milka:Luna-Mini-Milka 1 22


Butterfly by wlop Butterfly :iconwlop:wlop 8,383 130 Arena by wlop Arena :iconwlop:wlop 14,377 376 Curtsey by wlop Curtsey :iconwlop:wlop 13,849 175 Ceremonial by wlop Ceremonial :iconwlop:wlop 15,556 297 Shine by luinquesse Shine :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 20 0 There will always be an us. by luinquesse There will always be an us. :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 20 0 Shae Lavellan by luinquesse Shae Lavellan :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 17 13 First aid by luinquesse First aid :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 35 3 After the fade by luinquesse After the fade :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 23 5 Matchmaker? by luinquesse Matchmaker? :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 23 0 Bedtime stories across Thedas by luinquesse Bedtime stories across Thedas :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 51 4 Scarf by luinquesse Scarf :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 29 1 Tevinter rebels by luinquesse Tevinter rebels :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 119 14 Shapeshifting mishap by luinquesse Shapeshifting mishap :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 23 5 Missed you by luinquesse Missed you :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 30 3 Anchor by luinquesse Anchor :iconluinquesse:luinquesse 37 6


Luna-Mini-Milka's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi! c:

I'm a 21-year-old French girl. I was a music student until December 2014 but I decided to stop, and I recently got transferred to another college to study English instead. I like drawing, writing, roleplaying, reading, playing music, medieval combat, sewing... I also love video games :D
[Too many interests to list them all ^^]

I speak French and English fluently (even if I still make mistakes in English >.<), I'm not bad at understanding Spanish and a bit of Italian.

I may not write much when I leave a comment, but it's just that I don't want to end up with messy sentences. I'm actually not THAT used to speaking English. ;w; And it's quite a habit of mine to forget what I wanted to say half way when I'm typing x') Sowwy!

You can check my account as Al'-Chan24 here and my ao3 account as AlCrevette here.

[btw my hair is not red anymore, but I'm too lazy to change the pic xD]
Hey lovelies

I haven't really been on my DA account for a while, sorry about that. I know I told some of you I would write and add things here, like the two sequels I promised. I've read fanfics, faved, commented on some, added a WIP drawing, but nothing more.
There's a reason to that, though. Remember the hand pain I told you about, some months ago? Well, I finally know what it is. I have CTS, or carpal tunnel syndrome. I got to see a rheumatologist recently. He told me it was strange for someone as young as me to have CT, but he's sure about it. So here I am, with a wrist splint to wear every night for a couple months, waiting to see if it gets any better. May heal, or may not heal. Might have to consider surgery if it worsens. I sometimes spend days without any pain, and then it's back. Even when it doesn't hurt, I can hardly hold a pen. It's either painful from the start, or my fingers shake and my grip loosens gradually. It's pretty inconvenient, especially when it makes me drop stuff. I hope my teachers won't mind sloppy handwriting for my final exams.

Just thought you might want to know why I barely even reply to comments anymore. Sorry about that too. I'll try to make up for it as soon as I can. I still appreciate comments and faves a lot, believe me, and I'll reply eventually.

Take care,
love you all
  • Listening to: Jim Croce - Time in a bottle


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