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Abe No Oggy and Kagura Monica
Just a doodle of Oggy and Monica in onmyoji style (I also add Kohaku there)

Oggy and the cockroaches(c) Xilam
Onmyoji(c) NetEase Games
Jin, Hoozuki, Kusuriuri and Ginko (4)
Ayashiya (c) BANNO Mutsumi
Hoozuki no reitetsu (c) Natsumi Eguchi
Mononoke (c) Toei Animation
Mushishi (c) Yuki Urushibara
Guardian Lapis Lazuli
Thinking of Lapis Lazuli was a guardian. I think her element would be the same as Irma since she is a gem that controls water.

W.I.T.C.H. (c) Disney and Jetix
Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
**Jin's POV**

It's been a month since I befriend with Ginko, Kusuriuri and Hoozuki, they really are nice to me. Even Hana started to like Hoozuki-sama as well, I do think that she was in love with him (also because I look the same as him, only he's a demon and I'm just a human who got possessed by demon which is Damari). 

Like usual, I woke up and prayed for my deceased employees after the Ayashiya tragedy. "Young Master, breakfast is ready." I heard Hana's voice from inside. After I finished with my prayer, I had breakfast together with Hana and Raku, then I get dressed. I took my black yukata, which usually wear and tied it with the yellow obi. I walked outside the store. Then I saw Kusuriuri, waiting for me. "Good Morning, Young Master Jin." He greeted me . "Morning, you don't have to call me that way." I replied him with my face turned red. Kusuriuri pats me in the head. "Don't worry, after all you're the next owner of the Ayashiya store, right?" I couldn't help but nodded. Both Hana and Raku looked from behind. "Gee, I never thought that Jin would befriend with some stranger." Raku observing Kusuriuri as I chatted with me. "Ever since Young Master befriend with Mr. Ginko, Mr. Medicine Seller and Mr. Hoozuki, he became cheerful and happy." Hana replied. 

Sometimes later, I visited Jigoku along with Kusuriuri. I saw Ginko-san and Hoozuki-sama was waiting for me. And of course, we're talking about the faceless demon (eventhough we're not always talk about that creature). "Any news about the faceless demon ?" I asked Hoozuki-sama first. "No sign of the faceless demon. But the workers in here start to felt some strong netherforce coming." Hearding this, Damari suddenly appeared. "How big is it ?" He interrupted Hoozuki-sama's explanation about the thing thay he just said. "Calm down, Damari. You need to control yourself." Ginko reminded him. "He's right. And I have a feeling that it might be the faceless demon." I added. "All we have to do is to stay alert. We have to becareful about it." Hoozuki reminded all of us, we all agreed.

When I went back home, I felt something weird, my chest feels hurt. "Hey Jin, are you okay ?" Damari asked me. "I don't know, I feel like something burden me." I answered. "Was it because you ate something bad ?" Damari started to tease me. "Nonsense, Damari." I replied, "Could this because of my feelings towards Hoozuki-sama, Kusuriuri-san? I felt like I was reminded of those days...before the tragedy." Damari just stared. "You just keep thinking about the faceless demon, huh?" "Damari, this is totally different. I felt like they remind me of my old self." I talked back. "Suit yourself." Damari replied.

As nightfalls, I prepared myself for demon hunting. According to Hoozuki's info, there's a strong netherforce coming, I really need to becareful. Just then, a demon gate appeared and demon came out of the gate. I prepared to kill it. One by one were destroyed, Damari ate those demon souls. Suddenly a huge demon appeared, I tried to hit it but it dodged and started to run away. As I chased it, I saw an iron club came outta nowhere and hit the demon. I saw Hoozuki-sama, Kusuriuri-san and Ginko-san from far. "Are you okay, Jin?" Ginko asked me, I nodded. The demon started to gained it's consciousness. Kusuriuri soon unsheathe his sword and kill it.

After the demon hunting is over, I tell them about the feelings that I felt. "Hoozuki-sama, Kusuriuri-san, Ginko-san, I would like to say thank you for helping me these days. And of course, they were suprised to heard that. "You guys have been helping eversince I met you guys. I felt like I was being reminded of the days before the Ayashiya tragedy happens. You guys are more than just friends, you guys are like family to me." Hoozuki patted my head. "I understand, Jin. You lost your family because of the faceless demon. That's why we're here." "That's right, Jin." "You could always rely on us and also Hana, Saki, Raku and Damari." Both Ginko and Kusuriuri added for what Hoozuki-sama just said. I can't help it but smiled.


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My name is Luna-cockroachwitch AKA Vala Hoozuki.
I might be an anti social, anime and cartoon addicted dork but I don't care, I love living this way


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