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Farscape Scorpius

By Lun-art
around 5h30 of work, Farscape Scorpius, the best vilain ever !
Autour de 5h30 de travail, Farsacpe Scorpius, l’antagoniste le plus classe !
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I agree, best villain ever! Looks great!
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I love Scorpius! =) This picture is really good. I wish I had such a excellent talent of doing fine art of the best villain in the whole universe!
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Thanks ;) Scorpius is really the best villain ever ! :) I love him to !
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I have a huge crush on Sideshow Bob, Krusty the Clown, and Bender, but I think my heart belongs to Scorpius. No matter how big my crushes are NO MAN CAN STAND IN THE WAY BETWEEN ME AND SCORPIUS! That's how powerful my love for Scorpius is. And your welcome.
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This is incredible.
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He was (and some would argue still) the best villan ever,  Wayne Pygram really brought him to life on screen... As have you..
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Yes ;)  We  love him ! :)
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Awesome work! The coloring is perfect! :)
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:jawdrop::eyepopping::faint: "Dude, Duuuuuuude, DUDE!!!!!" :faint::eyepopping::jawdrop:
Bra-vo "Dammit Jim!!"  Bra-vo!! :clap::clap::clap:
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thanks ;) merci
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My Pleasure!! :bow:
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Nice to see Scorpius in such fine form! Great Work!!
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thanks a lot :)
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Excellent work!
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He was an awesome character and you've done a fantastic job here. Looks like a photo. XD
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thanks a lot ;)
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I just found your gallery today! Babylon 5 and Farscape!? You, my dear, are official the coolest artist EVER! Btw, this is just stunning! Absolutely wonderful!
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thanks you ;) ^^ It pleasur me to draw the caractere I like ;)
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Wow that's fantastic!
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