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Lum Pixel Art by lumshock 
Sprite work by lumshock
I'm not sleepy!!!! by lumshock
And posted a few somethings to DA.
Thank you friends and followers, for making miiverse a social media site like no other! A place where Nintendo fans could chat about games, anime, and other geeky pursuits without all the vitriol and negativity usually found on social media. A place where we could share our artwork, and slowly improve our art skills, in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

I can honestly say I wouldn't be an artist today if it wasn't for miiverse!

If you're following me from miiverse, drop me a comment and let me know who you were! And check out my other sites, I'm on Instagram, Tumblr, and ColorsLive. I'll try to post more here and elsewhere now that miiverse is dead.... no promises though, LOL.

Miiverse Is Dead by lumshock
Arms is released tomorrow, you'd think I'd want to draw some bootylicious Twintelle fan art. Or maybe a sexy Octoling, since Splatoon 2 is arriving next month. How about some cute Monster girls, since I'm currently playing Disgaea 5?

No, I had to do rule 34 art of Rabbid Peach. What the hell is wrong with me!? :D (Big Grin) 
Last week I discovered that it’s surprisingly hard to humanize a dog faced video game console and make it look sexy.

Merry Christmas Rudolph by lumshock
Not much there yet, but I have a tumblr account:

I already see one thing I don't like about tumblr, you can't mark individual drawings as mature, you have to mark your whole "blog" as mature.

So even though the majority of my work is relatively tame, I'll ultimately have to mark everything as mature.

Update: I figured out that you can create a sub-blog and mark that as mature. So now I've got a main gallery, and a mature gallery.

Profile Pict 2 by lumshock

They do allow you to post videos, but only 1 per day apparently. So maybe I'll post some animations there, eventually.
So, for the past week or so I've been learning how to animate. This journal entry was SUPPOSED to be about that.

But instead, I'm going to rant about Deviant Art.

I've spent pretty much the entire day preparing various animation shorts for upload, only to discover that DA doesn't allow everyone to upload MPEG movie files... only a select few, the elite, the brown-nosers, apparently. Yes, to upload a movie to DA, you have to be INVITED.

This is from the FAQ:

Why can't just anyone submit film?
The film gallery is by invitation only to preserve the integrity of artistic filmmaking. DeviantArt is looking to maintain a certain level of production values in the films that our community of artists can post and appreciate. 

What kind of elitist bullshit is this? Why should films have different rules, different standards, than drawings, paintings, or photography?

How are people going to learn to animate or create short films, and achieve that "level of production values" that DA is apparently looking for, if we can't share our films with others to comment on and critique?

I suspect the REAL reason for this rule is, DA wants to limit MPEG uploads to preserve bandwidth, and if that's the case, then fine... but have the balls to say it, rather than pretend to be the paragon of artistic excellence (on a website full of inflation and diaper art, that's laughable).

The other possibility, of course, is they are afraid of copyright infringement, as it's always possible that someone will upload a full TV episode or something. Though if DA really cared about copyright infringement, they'd do something about Art Thieves, and give the community the tools they need to report obvious thievery... instead they've made it more difficult than ever.

But if either of the above reasons was true, then the obvious solution is time limits... don't allow mpeg uploads over 15 minutes or so. That would be enough for beginner animators and film makers to share their work, and let's be honest, if you're doing full length films you'd be better off putting it on Youtube anyway, where you can actually make money off your work. Wouldn't it be nice if DA shared ad revenue with all the artists and content providers who make their site what it is?

And finally, while I'm ranting... ever since DA was "improved" with new logos, hashtags, and other features that no one wanted, google links have been horribly broken. When someone finds my art in a google search, and clicks on the thumbnail or the link, I expect it to take them to my art or at the very least, my profile page. Is that really too much to ask?

Apparently so, since more often than not, it takes the potential visitor to the wrong art, or to "similar art" on DA, which usually isn't similar at all. Is it that hard to call Google and get it all sorted out? Or do you entirely not care about your end users?

At any rate, I may or may not upload animations in the future. DA does allow Flash uploads, and I've figured out how to convert MPEG movies to SWF, though ironically, the file sizes are twice as large as the original file. The quality isn't as good though. And it's extra work, that is entirely unnecessary, if DA would simply drop the elitist attitude and allow all artists to upload MPEG files.

Plus we live in the 21st century, where half the people visiting DA are doing it from iPads, iPhones, and Android devices... none of which support FLASH.
Half dragons, sexy Japanese battleships, dirty doggies, and shockingly cute inklings... something for everyone, LOL.

I've still got a few things to upload on another day.

Happy Friday!

Sexy Mink squarish by lumshock

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Some of my friends/followers on miiverse recently told me about Colors 3D for the Nintendo 3DS and the Colors Live website.

It's like miiverse, but without the insane moderators. Colors Live even allows you to tag things as Mature! Geez Nintendo, maybe you could learn something from the Colors 3D developers!?

But I'm enjoying it because it allows you do 3D art! Colors 3D has 5 layers, and while you can use them the same way you would in a normal 2D app, you also have the option to have 5 layers of depth! I can't show you what it looks like here (you'll need a 3DS and Colors 3D to view art in 3D), but here is an animated gif to give you an idea:

Shimakaze Sunbathing Animated by lumshock

You can follow me on Colors live, via:…
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I've got more to upload, but it will have to wait another day.

Sebastian x Ivy by lumshock
Reindeer inkling by lumshock
But I haven't updated Deviant Art since June or July.

I've got dozens (maybe hundreds) of B&W miiverse sketches left to upload, but today I just uploaded a few color drawings. Mostly Splatoon drawings (including a mature work if you're into that sort of thing).

This one is an original character for a manga idea I had:

Girl with horns by lumshock
Theres Something About Inklings (Splatoon) by lumshock

So I've drawn nothing but squid girls for the past month.

And I'm not drawing much of anything (other than random sketches) now that Splatoon is released.

But hope to start doing more color work soon. Probably not quite over my Squid phase (LOL), but will eventually start drawing anime and original characters again.

Also, I might start posting more erotica... if such work offends you, make sure your mature filter is on before viewing my gallery... though I'll try to keep those works out of the gallery proper, and place them in the Mature Folder.
So I tried using Copic Markers for the first time yesterday.

Here is the first thing I've ever colored by hand:

Splatoon hand painted cropped by lumshock

I colored a xeroxed outline used for this drawing:

Splatoon - Wanna play? by lumshock

I had issues getting any sort of blending to work properly. Guess it was the cheap copier paper. It's also clear that I don't have nearly enough colors, so if I was going to do more of this, I'd need more markers (more primary colors and more in-between shades). More grays too, since the one gray marker I have is way too dark for what I normally use gray tones for. And of course, these markers are expensive.

But I guess this turned out okay for a first try.
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I'm too lazy to upload everything. So just color works today, I'll have to upload all the miiverse sketches on another day.

Mink - Sweet Expression by lumshock Splatoon - The Inkling and the Octopus by lumshock Kemeko Deluxe by lumshock 

I'm considering getting a premium account so I can upload in bulk and post comment draws like this one:

Kemeko Marvelous lowRes by lumshock
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Whew... glad that's done.

I've had a busy couple of weeks art wise (last weekend was especially productive), so I had a ton of stuff to upload.

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I've been on miiverse exactly one year now. I've gained a bunch of followers, met some nice people, and seen some gorgeous art.

And I've posted a ton of drawings.

My first sketch was awful:

Mario Kart by lumshock

But I like to think I've improved a bit in the past year:

Wolverine by lumshock
Raven - Magic Hands by lumshock
Red Chaika - angry by lumshock
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If you're following/watching me, well sorry to spam your notifications all afternoon... but I needed to update DA.

I've added a new Gallery folder for Art Academy drawings, because I now own a Wii-U! Woohoo! I've been wanting one for a while, just really couldn't afford it until now.

If you don't own one, and you're an artist, I suggest picking one up simply for the art capabilities. I like drawing on the Wii-U gamepad far more than my Wacom tablet. And yeah, you can play great games on it too.

Now if only I could run Clip Studio Paint on the thing! Art Academy is okay, but it has a learning curve, as well as some quirky annoyances.

But I guess I'll learn to live with them, as long it helps me create art like this:

Wakfu - Spoilers by lumshock
Red Chaika is the best Chaika by lumshock

There are some other art apps I need to try, one that allows you to create pixel art, another has layers and other features you'd expect in a more expensive drawing program (most of these apps are less than $5).

Well my 'work' is done for today, so back to the Wii-U.
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DA is updated, now more or less up to date with miiverse.

Wolverine by lumshock

In other news, Clip Studio is on sale again... and for only $15.

If you don't own it (or Manga Studio 5), and you want to use the best drawing software ever made (IMO), I suggest you buy it now... sale ends Tuesday morning.

You can thank me later with a Llama or something! :D (Big Grin) 

(and no, I don't work for them... I just REALLY like their software!)
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