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Furret Amigurumi Pokemon (with pattern)

By Lumos5000
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Please enjoy this free pattern that I worked up over one of my favorite Gen 2 Pokemon. I would prefer if you don’t sell the finished product since I do not own the rights to this character but if you make one I’d love to see it. Also please don’t take credit for this pattern if you do end up using it. 

This pattern has color changes from tan to brown, in the head section, so please pay close attention to those as you go along. Let me know if you catch any errors. 

(Size H hook and worsted weight yarn used throughout)

Head, Body & Tail:

starting @ the front of the head in tan

1. Magic ring 6
2. (tan) inc, inc, inc, (tan, brown) inc, (tan) inc, inc (12)
3. (tan) [sc, inc] x 3, sc, (brown) inc, (tan) [sc, inc] x 2 (18)
4. (tan) [sc, inc, sc] x 3, sc, (brown) inc, sc, (tan) [sc, inc, sc] x 2 (24)
5. (tan) [sc 3, inc] x 3, sc, (brown) sc 2, inc, (tan) [sc 3, inc] x 2 (30)
6. (tan) sc 15, (brown) sc 6, (tan) sc 9 (30)
7. (tan) sc 10 (brown) sc (tan) sc 2 (brown) sc 8, (tan) sc 2, (brown) sc, (tan) sc 6 (30)
8-16. (tan) sc 9, (brown) sc 16, (tan) sc 5 (30)

Stop here for a moment and put in safety eyes if you have them (alternatively you can use buttons or felt some eyes). I used size 15mm eyes and placed them between rows 4&5 with about 7 stitches between them. This would also be a good place to start stuffing your Furret and continue stuffing as you crochet down its cylindrical shaped body. 

17-20. (brown) sc around (30)
21-25. (tan) sc around (30)
26-29. (brown) sc around (30)
30-34. (tan) sc around (30) 
35-38. (brown) sc around (30)
39-43. (tan) sc around (30) 
44-47. (brown) sc around (30)
48-51. (tan) sc around (30) 
do not fasten off tail will continue from the body in 3 sections


52: (tan) sc 3, skip 21 stitches of last row, sc in last 6 stitches (9)
53: (tan) sc around (9) 
54: (tan) [sc, dec] x 3 (6)

55: (tan) slip stitch back into the 4th stitch of row 51, sc in that same stitch, sc in the next 5 stitches, skip 9 stitches, sc in the remaining 6 stitches (12)
56-57: (tan) sc around (12)
58: (tan) [sc 2, dec] x 3 (9)
59: (tan) sc around (9)
60: (tan)  [sc, dec] x 3 (6)

61: (tan) sc around the 9 remaining stitches of row 51 (9)
62: (tan) sc around (9)
63: (tan) [sc, dec] x 3 (6)

stuff the tail sections and weave in all loose ends


Front Feet:

1. (brown) Magic ring 6
2. (brown) inc around (12)
3-4. (brown) sc around (12)
5. (tan) [sc 2, dec, sc 2] x 2 (10)
6-9. (tan) sc around (10)

Fold ends together and use the tail to whip stitch them to tan underbelly before the first brown section.


Back Feet:

1. (tan) Magic ring 6
2. (tan) inc around (12)
3-6. (tan) sc around (12)

Fold ends together and use the tail to whip stitch them to the second tan section of the body



1. (tan) Magic ring 4
2. (tan) sc around (4)
3. (tan) [sc, inc] x 2 (6)
4. (brown) sc around (6)
5. (brown) [sc, inc] x 3 (9)
6-7. (brown) sc around (9)
8. (brown) sc 3, inc, inc, inc, sc 3 (12)
9. (brown) sc around (12)

Stuff and use the tail to secure the ears to the top of the head section. I like to have them slightly off center to give my Furret a bit more character. 


***For the mouth I used felt pieces and the whisker accents were made from leftover brown yarn

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In the second row of the Head/Body/Tail portion it says:  (tan, brown) inc 

which means that in the next stitch you will put 2 sc in there (like a normal inc) the only change will be that one sc will be tan and the other brown.