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MLP - What about the Future? #34

By Lummh
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist

je kiff:D

DragonTurtle2's avatar

Is this suppose to be a pun about how she has color in a comic that's normally black & white?

K4nK4n's avatar

Makes sense.

fotland42's avatar

The nerve of that princess, being a recolor! What gives her the right to have color?

spyrofuckingcynder's avatar

Her mind is blown. Lol.

AJR001's avatar

Luster, this is why you don't eat cake before bed. XD XD

spoonlol2's avatar

Tall Twilight grew on me after a while, mainly thx to the awsome fanart that came from it. Though she really is a celestia recolour

DragonTurtle2's avatar

Being tall is fine, in fact it's something a lot of us were expecting. But even her face and snout are copied over, as is the mane pattern.

spoonlol2's avatar

I was actually okay with those, it was her extra long legs thst thee me completely off

Indioman200's avatar

Oh, that explains why you look so fa....

Rage You don't want to finish that sentence

aaaatnntastic, yeah, "fantastic", that was what I meant, hehe...

AlaricSkywalker's avatar

For a moment, I thought this was the start of color being added. Still cute all the same.

Lummh's avatar
LummhHobbyist Writer

I'm considering it.

AlaricSkywalker's avatar

Ah, so this is an experiment, eh?

Lummh's avatar
LummhHobbyist Writer

My wife suggested it, while I wasn't really into it for this strip. But the comments, and other things, make me thinking about it~

AlaricSkywalker's avatar

I see. Well, looking forward to the results.

Scyphi's avatar
ScyphiHobbyist General Artist

Whoa. Meta.

tigreanpony's avatar

That was funny, nicely done there.

liangzhixiaoemo's avatar

Even retirment, Luna still having fun in the dream world ⊙ω⊙

liangzhixiaoemo's avatar

PS: I thought you finally going to colouring this comic (´⊙ω⊙`)

Lummh's avatar
LummhHobbyist Writer

To be honest, I'm starting to consider it

liangzhixiaoemo's avatar

Really? I can't wait if you decide to colouring, that would be wonderful ヾ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

irsyakistasakhavi's avatar
irsyakistasakhaviHobbyist Digital Artist



oh... just realize celestia and future twi look almost same

anonymous's avatar
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