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MLP - Timey Wimey page 115/115 Fin
PRÉCÉDENTE :              MLP - Timey Wimey page 114/115
PREMIÈRE :                   MLP - Timey Wimey page 01

Timey Wimey est enfin terminé ! Un grand merci à :

:iconchocokangoo:  / Spirale pour sa contribution sur plusieurs pages
:iconequumamici: / Equum pour avoir animé plusieurs pages

:iconjycrow: / JycRow et :iconprettykitty: / Decibelle pour les musiques et chansons

:iconfidzfox: / Fidz pour avoir apporté de précieux conseils

:iconjadedjynx: / JaDeDJynX et :iconestories: / Equestria Stories pour leur publicité au début du projet qui nous a beaucoup aidé

:iconeqdbot: / (yeah, we know you're not them but still!) Equestria Daily pour avoir publié nos planches (et nous avoir souvent mis en avant)

Garthagon pour avoir traduit l’histoire en anglais.
:iconshira-hedgie: / Shira & Rubis pour leur contribution au design du personnage final.
Sif, Ombriel, Petit Roquet, Therozin, Monochrom Script et Mister Saugrenu pour des idées et des traductions initiales.

Tous nos abonnés Patreon

Et bien sûr tous les lecteurs qui ont suivi !

P.S. : Notre compte Patreon est toujours là ! Nous avons encore du travail devant nous ;)

Suivez-nous sur Facebook :… et !Patreon:

Merci pour votre soutien, il nous est précieux.
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Et pour 1$, vous pouvez avoir accès à nos publications régulièrement chaque jour à nos créations en cours DONT les BD comme Timey Wimey, Art Block et d'autres pas encore parues !


Writer and story-board by :iconlummh: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light

English version here:…


Pourquoi posté si tôt ? Je pars en vacance demain !
:iconlummh: Hey there, Lum here!
Just an audition announcement for another mlp comics project by me and our friend Mister-Saugrenu! (Light will be only here as consultant, just saying)

The motion comics My little pony : The Princess of Love takes place between the season 4 and the season 5 of the show My little Pony Friendship is Magic. As the title says, it's about Princess Cadance, ruler of the Crystal Empire, and her first rule: to not take any risks! And if there is a problem between ponies, you sure can count on the magic of love to fix it.
However, when a dragon will attack the Crystal Empire to try to kidnap her but catch another pony instead, she will force to explore a world she doesn't know in order to rescue the pony... and an entire race.

This audition slate will be the first of a few to cast most of the minor characters. This first
one will be used to establish the main cast. Full instructions of how to submit auditions can be found at the end of this document.

IMPORTANT: Please only audition if you can commit to a long-term production. Recording shall be undertaken via online direction over either Discord or Skype.

Several new characters are involve in this story.

OC - Selendis (female tall pony)

Proud, maternal and strong

Main antagonist.
She's old but still well preserved. She likes playing music with an harp.
Her entire background is avaible after selection for the audition.

Note: Expect a LOT of lines!
The actor must be able to sing for one solo and one duo (with Cadance). Yes, we're making songs for this project.

1 - [seductive] "Hmm~. What a shame it wouldn't advance genetics."
2 - [angry] "Such words in the mouth of my daughter ... It's your fault ... It's YOUR fault!! You'll be the one who'll initiate a total extinction!!"
3 - [maternal] "But for me, my sun ... will always be you."

OC - Zirnitra (female adult dragon)

Aggressive, loud and dangerous

An adult black dragon with a strong connection to the earth. She's blind but can see the magic in all things. She's the leader of a dragon clan from the North. She'll attack the Crystal Empire to try to kidnap Princess Cadance because she'll need her magic for her plans.

1 - [thinking] "A POWerffffuul Unicorrrrnn. Jjjust what I'm LOOKING forrr!"
3 - [Joking] "Lovve iss blindd."

OC - Appolonia (female pony)

Loyal, frustrated and jealous

She'll do everything to be a force to recognize with.

1 - [sarcastic] "Oh no!! This statue is contagious! It may contaminate the Pegasus!"
2 - [frustrated] "And you should have done it by yourself. But oh, surprise! That's not the case! Who would've believed that?"
3 - [sad] "You never hold your promises ..."

Canon - Princess Luna (female alicorn)

Proud, determined and strict

Luna just expects to spend a good Hearth Warming Eve in the Crystal Empire with her sister Celestia, and their niece, Cadance.

1 - [proud] "We are here to help you, my niece."
2 - [joking] "It happends when you want to make surprises, sister."
3 - [frustrated] "Cadance has learned well from my sister, hmf."

OC - Sting (female baby dragon)

Polite, cautious and scared

Twilight Sparkle isn't the only pony to have a baby dragon with her as assistant.

1 - [afraid] "Well, your majesty, I'm divided between TERROR AND DESPAIR!! These creatures are HARMFUL!!"

Those other characters have already an actor.
Canon - Princess Cadance, main protagonist.

Canon - Princess Celestia, "Cadance's aunty".

OC - Aurora.

OC - Brisk Slate.


  1. To submit auditions, send lines to with the subject ‘Princess of Love – Your Name’. Make it clear who you’re auditioning for in the email.
  2. Record lines in .mp3/.wav format and label each line ‘Your Name – Character Name – Line# -- Take#’. Maximum of three takes for each line. Zip all your lines up, please.
  3. Feel free to change the lines a bit if you are more comfortable with your way.
  4. Initially, these roles are unpaid (except for the songs). However, if the series continues, the addition of payment will be considered. 
  5. Feel free to send resume and demo reel if you have one.
  6. If there are tons of auditions, we reserve the right to have multiple rounds.
  7. On the opposite side, if we don’t find what we’re looking for in a character, we reserve the right to scout for an appropriate voice actor.
  8. Deadline is June 25th, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.
  9. You may wait until the story board reach you. Your opinion, as a voice actor, may be useful for the story boarding part.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to add them in your email. Thank you very much for auditioning, good luck and most importantly, have fun!

(Jeez, I'm glad MasakoX did this list earlier. It's not an easy journal for a French guy)



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