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New journal because Eclipse wont let us edit the old one nor gives us notifications when someone writes comments on it!

Please direct all your questions to this journal, to keep the information journals uncluttered!

Can my boucle die?

Your boucle can't be deceased in the group systems, but you can leave it to just gather dust (you won't have your boucle taken from you). You can however consider your boucle dead in your own canon :)

What if I have a plot that would go against the rules that I really really want to do? D:

First, try to think if you can have a similar plot without breaking the rules. If you absolutely cannot, note the group! We might be able to work with you to make your plot possible.

Can blindness and deafness be partial when rolled for as a birth defect?

Yes! They can be partial, they just need to stay a considerable hindrance for the boucle.

Is there something similar to equiBREAK for wild boucles?

To quote Jaimep:

"I was in touch with equibreak for the same reason, turns out we can run wilds through but make our own interpretations (or our own) prompts and still get all the points! :D thought I should pass it along! (I’ve already been doing just that!)"

Do I need proof of ownership and/or a transfer note when submitting a design or reference?

No :) It's all tracked in our registry. The only thing you need to link for foal designs is the breeding note, and for references is the design :D

What does Ancients' Blessing do? Does it give my boucle powers? Which boucle can I add it to? How does it look?

Ancients' Blessing is the mark of the Ancients, and therefor special, but it works in the same way as most mutations. It does not give your boucle any magic or special powers. You cannot add a blessing to any boucle that already has one. This includes both blessed boucles and their offspring that had inherited a blessing gene. Any other boucle you can add the blessing to, including other people's horses if you have the owners permission 8D Ancients' Blessing is a very free marking and we encourage you to use your imagination :D As long as you stay within the "theme" you should be fine :) However, if you need inspiration you can read about the deities in the journal about them or look at other peoples blessing designs!

How do I get my first boucle?

If you’re new to the game, the easiest way to get a boucle is to pop up a “Looking For” advert in the Boucle Discord Server #looking_for channel or in a journal submitted to the Classifieds folder in the dA group. Many players have special deals for newbies and can give you a geno or some slots to breed your first boucle!

You could also complete the Boucle Gifting System initiative, reserved for new players who do not have a Boucle yet! Simply draw some art for other unicorns and you’ll earn an import of your very own!

You can also order custom Boucles from group designers, please visit @silveringoak or @tigglesaurus’ deviantArt pages to order from them directly!

If a contest is currently running, you can also enter those for the chance to win an import if they’re on offer! Keep an eye on the dA group’s news journal and other recently published journals.

I feel like I'm not good at drawing but the group looks fine, can I still join? Absolutely :heart: All skill levels are welcome, as is those who primarily write stories! Boucles are about having fun with sparkly unicorns, so as long as they bring you joy you are welcome :heart:

I have a question about magic points or plaques, where do I turn?

Head over to BU-MP's F.A.Q. Journal and see if it's answered there :) If not, feel free to pop your question in the comments of that journal and a BUMPer will get to it ASAP! You can also head to our Discord Server and ask in the #bump-questions channel :D

I have a question about items or companions uploaded on BU-RP, where do I turn?

At the moment BU-RP doesn't have a F.A.Q. Journal, but it is coming soon! In the meantime, you can note BU-RP about your question.

Have a question not answered above? Ask in the comments or pop over to our Discord Server and ask in the #questions channel

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If I combine a witch/wizard with a archmage prize, making it a tier 2, what changes can be made to the geno?