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No Minions Stamp

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They've taken over Facebook, everyone's mom is posting them

well except my mom she doesn't like them

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JagurzHobbyist General Artist
I don't like minions but my autistic brother loves 'em
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Uhhh, what thumbnail code?
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AquaDoesStuffHobbyist Digital Artist
I used to like Minions when I first saw Despicable Me, but now I don't know what to think of them anymore
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hell-lottieStudent Digital Artist
The only good thing about the minions is they brought us r/wackytictacs.
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4-Leader Digital Artist
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Pumkin-SyrupStudent General Artist
Sense Dispicalble me 1 I've hated them.
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LexusLovesArtProfessional Artist
This girl will love it ->…

No effence...
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I thought I was the only one!
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5pointBUTTONSStudent General Artist
I love minions, but I respect everyone's opinion.
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I loved the story of Gru and the girls. That is why  I saw the  Despicable Me movies, not the minions.
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Timelapse11Hobbyist General Artist
Same here, the minions are cute and funny, but Gru is still my favorite Despicable Me character, they only made the minions to make Gru a more likable character for younger kids, he was a villain after all. 
Captain-Red-Feather's avatar
{And the best villain EVER! Gru Icon Free YAY }

They were a cute distraction, and I DID like them, but they weren't my favorite characters. {And they got annoying QUICKLY}

They were originally supposed to be big, burly henchmen, but the company ran out of funding and had to make easily swappable 'pill' creatures.
They were made for budget restriction reasons!

The Minion Movie was ok, but not canon. XD
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Timelapse11Hobbyist General Artist
I agree completely, and I think we can all agree tiny Gru is adorable! XD 
Captain-Red-Feather's avatar
He is! I can't wait for Despicable Me 3!!
Timelapse11's avatar
Timelapse11Hobbyist General Artist
Me too XD I have to say, though, I kind of ship Grucy, and I don't usually ship characters
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It has become rather crazy with all the minion things going around. They are over doing it way to much. It's like when frozen came out :/ everything had Elsa....ugh good lord people.
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qtea831Student General Artist
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Frantic-FerretHobbyist General Artist
I loved Despicable Me 1&2, but I didn't like the Minions Moive as much . . .
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I hate minions  Serious derpy Toy Bonnie 
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Thank you!
There are too many! ;;
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FmsDrawHobbyist General Artist
Welcome to my fckn galaxt
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CChart103Hobbyist General Artist

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glovannasStudent Digital Artist
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killerprod1Hobbyist Writer
recently,i'm geeing sick of the minions
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