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portrait commission sheet // lumiorah by lumiorah portrait commission sheet // lumiorah by lumiorah

oh hey there !!  it's been a while since i didn't post anything but now that my school year is almost ended I've got more time for myself to draw and take comissions
Indeed I had a very harsh year because art sudies are really interesting but exhausting
But the thing that was really harsh was the place I lived in. I had a very beautiful and huge room for myself in a flat with another room mate who was a 56-year-old woman, and I discovered too late that she had troubles (like paranoia and dementia according to my psychiatrist). I don't blame for being mentally ill, it's just I didn't know her before and I didn't have the time nor the role to take care of her, nor cleaning after her when she left rotten food everywhere in the kitchen, or many other examples I could list... I have never felt so unsafe for such a long time in my whole life. 
The thing is, because of my studies, I wasn't able to leave this place for the whole year. Now, I will soon know what school I'll be in next year, and move from this toxic place as soon as possible. But life in Paris is extremely expensive, and if I want a decent flat I will need to buy my own furnitures !
SOOO this is why I'm taking commission now ! This sheet is only for headshots but I will do the same for fullbodies aswell !


• I will just need a photograph of yourself/the personn you want me to draw ! Please make it clear and well-lightened ! 
• I only take paypal and I will ask you to pay me before I send you the final commission !
• The sheet says "free price" because if you think it is too low (yes many people told me that before) you can always give the amount you want ! Remember that I'm not a professional artist and that I think you should pay more the people who really live on their artworks ! 
• Send me a note for any question ! 
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