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Digital commission info // LUMIORAH // by lumiorah Digital commission info // LUMIORAH // by lumiorah
EDIT: I realised that my prices were really low so let's say it is open prices if you want to give more than what planned, but it's up to you !

Hello !

I'm opening commission for the end of summer in order to save money for my future life in paris ! Actually, I'm going to be an art student by september, can't wait ! But as you may know art studies are REALLY expensive, even if I'm in a public school, art supplies cost a lot. Since I don't want do depend only on my parents, I will take cheap commissions ! 

Soooo as it is written in the pannel, you can have 1 or 2 characters, for 3€/4$/300 pts or 5€/6$/500 pts, depending on the complexity of what you want. I only put few examples to illustrate but of course you can go through my art gallery and tell me what specific art style you'll want (I post waaayyy more on instagram where you can find me [at]lumiorah , it's in french but if you need any explanation don't mind asking me !)

I will ask you to pay when I'm half done so that everyone is okay ! It would be better for me on paypal if you'd use "friend and familly" but if you want to use "goods and services" it's up to you (I can show you proof of my honesty on other sites where I sell clothes etc) 

ehhhh what else ? I would rather have euros than dollars to be honest, since I'm french, but it's okay for dollars ! And I may refuse taking points if I obtain the necessary amount for a core membership >.< sorry !

Don't mind note me for question/information/taking a commission ! 
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August 21, 2017
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