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V from cyberpunk 2077 casual outfit version - November patreon reward
I hope you like it, don't hesitate to give me feedbacks Floating hearts 1  

 This artwork is part of the Patreon November 2020 Term 46
 Sign up from November 1st - 30th to get this reward sent via Patreon message the 7th of December 2020

 If you missed the opportunity to pledge for this month don't worry. I will create a Gumroad pack including all the rewards for this term after the 7th of December 2020

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V by LumiNyu

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StoriesFromNightCity's avatar

That hairstyle is so bad ass!

Highlynx's avatar

in any game that allows for character customization, the first thing most people do is to try to make their character look as slooty as possible. MXR proved that theory

JackStryker's avatar

I wish the game had cyber-kitties you could adopt. That and painted toes, instead of just fingers.

VentusRogue's avatar

Good stuff right there.

Ultamisia's avatar

love the kitty :D

She looks alright here though!

invitingly sexy and gorgeous

stailbite's avatar

So damn beautiful!

ArtemisEcho217's avatar

I thought this was Sombra xD

Horny-X's avatar

The cat is so cute !

EnginePony's avatar

V for Vendetta.

BartGT5's avatar
She looks super beautiful and awesome!
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