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Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)- May patreon reward
I hope you like it, don't hesitate to give me feedbacks Floating hearts 1 
Patreon / Gumroad / Social Medias / Commission

► This artwork is part of the Patreon May 2021 Term 51
► Sign up from May 1st - 31st to get this reward sent via Patreon message the 7th of June 2021

► If you missed the opportunity to pledge for this month don't worry. I will create a Gumroad pack including all the rewards for this term after the 7th of June 2021

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© 2021 LumiNyu
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Sexiest woman in ME universe :love:

I feel an effect lol.

LordTyranicus's avatar

Spectacular job man

GhostShell5's avatar

Excellent work. Do like the pictures in her locker.

They better aloud that ass to be seen in the game!

ThessianCG's avatar

Because there is always a way to improve the original.

Game would be so much more amazing with this. :la:

WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar


Great work on the bra.

PeteTheGrouch's avatar

Shame she couldn't have actually looked this good in-game...

Then again, given just how badly Bioware managed to F-up Tali's face reveal, I suppose it shouldn't really come as a surprise..! :smoking:

Gorgeously sexy and hypnotically cute ass indeed

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I like that pic of Earth she has. Its implying that she, like most humans, has a fondness for our home.

Besides that, this pic is smexy as hell!
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Awesome! The photos in the locker are a nice touch.

son99999999999999's avatar
I just restarted playing me2 because of mass effect legendary edition
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar

Miranda's legendary booty is this close to being shown. In the meantime, her black lace bra is shown along with her equally enthralling cleavage. I see the photos in her locker that show her and Shepard with a single one of just him to always remember that hunk of a man she is happy to have as her boyfriend. There is also a photo of the view of Earth from the moon. In fact, Miranda is getting changed out of her bodysuit to slip into a tight sultry dress that is going to leave him speechless. She and Shpard have a date to a fancy restaurant followed by dancing and ending it with bowling.

BartGT5's avatar

She looks very gorgeous and has very sexy curves!!

TheTubich's avatar
rubybelly's avatar

Glad SOMEONE remembered her booty... (Thanks for nothin, BioWare)

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