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Jessie teacher commission September 2019 patreon reward
I hope you like it, don't hesitate to give me feedbacks Floating hearts 1  

 This artwork is part of the Patreon September 2019 Term 35
 Sign up from September 1st - 30th to get this reward sent via Patreon message the 7th of September 2019

 Batty Bat patrons will get 2 SFW + 2 NSFW pic
 Naughty  patrons  will get 7 SFW + 151 NSFW pics
 Greedy Bat patrons  will get 7 SFW + 151 NSFW pics  +  step by step process + PSD

 If you missed the opportunity to pledge for this month don't worry. I will create a Gumroad pack including all the rewards for this term after the 7th of October 2019 

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So that is why James is always by her side. I cannot say I blame him. So from the looks of it, Jessie is done chasing after Pikachu and she would rather be spending quality time with James in the bedroom.

Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Now, THIS version of her, with that bubble headed melodramatic obnoxiousness educated out of her, this is Worth getting to know.
GamePonySly's avatar


So hot I love her 🤤

EchoWing's avatar
Woo! Sexy Jessie art!
Merkoid's avatar
I don't seem to recall her looking like this when I was a kid.
Niggenres's avatar
She got new glasses.
Merkoid's avatar
Kal-el4's avatar
Shellquake's avatar
Kojiro (Heart Eyes) [V1] Now I really am in love with her.
aLOZFreak's avatar
Misty is gonna be soooo mad if she catches Ash in bed with Jess!
Unseeming's avatar
Damn! Jesse be sexy ! <3
Vyrerus's avatar
Make it double please :)
Niklas-Teac's avatar
Stop the world cant handle the double! XD
Raptorcloak's avatar
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