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Elizabeth from Bioshock Burial At Sea Patreon poll winner. July 2019 patreon reward
I hope you like it, don't hesitate to give me feedbacks Floating hearts 1  
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surprize's avatar

Very well drawn, she looks gorgeous and very arousingly inviting ^^

Doctor-61's avatar
Considering Booker Dewit is her father... great picture bbbbbuuuuuttttt... eeww.
surprize's avatar

Who cares who she's fucking with? They are both adults anyway :P

What does Booker has to do with this? I don't see him here.
Doctor-61's avatar
That’s his office. In buried at sea Comstock went back to being booker and became a detective in rapture. So she’s posing for her father essentially.
I know that. As well as how Elizabeth decided to get a karma suicide for herself forgetting she's not in Call of Duty:D
However it's just a room. A rented office room that has other visitors like janitors. And she was setting up her trap for months, probably visiting it before.
Jur1124's avatar
i love this version of elizabeth.  she looks so sexy!
Pity that she exchanged wisdom for looks.
JurassicMonster1993's avatar
Never liked smokers but god damn is she just too beautiful!
JDDslam's avatar
So are we talking about the payment right? Sweating a little... 
nightravenx49's avatar
very beautiful!!!
greetings & very well done.
kaze26's avatar
xaviir20's avatar
If Bioshock 3 was invented
2dresq's avatar
Great job with shadows and coloring.  Well done.
Unseeming's avatar
Great work, you always design them so enticingly. ;)
TheTubich's avatar
Very great work <3
TheRollingWrath888's avatar
Absolutely incredible jawdrop revamp paralyzed..
ModernPrankster69's avatar
- "Name your rate, I will pay you for this work. But you'd do this one gratis, wouldn't you?"
- "I don't follow."
- "Something tells me you will."

Oof! Can you feel the tension in here? :D (Big Grin) I wonder who's really getting the benefits in this deal... and I wonder if it matters. =P (Razz) 
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