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Portrait Comparison 2008 and 2020

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This is why you never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, or let them drag you down to their level. The portrait on the right is one I drew circa 2008 and posted here on DA. I'll never forget that a troll came in, commented on it and said how ugly it was. And I stopped drawing humans for a couple years because I was just so embarrassed and affected by what a random stranger said to me. Someone who doesn't even know me was allowed to have power over me because of how I reacted. Here I am, 12 years later, still drawing and still making progress everyday. Don't ever let anyone tell you your art isn't good enough or that it's ugly. You're growing and learning, just like every single other artist. Keep up the great work and never, ever give up.

Both pieces drawn by me :iconluminous-angel:

Stock for the 2020 portrait found here:…
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