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Where did all I loved go...?
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My Bio

Hi, I'm Luminiferouspillar (obviously a screen name, hehe) and I do a lot fo things on the internet, including blogging, a podcast, uploading youtube videos, uploading art, making music, and streaming ocassionaly. I'm unemployed btw.

FILASTOX. is my music project (And also an anagram, gee I wonder of what could it possibly be anagram of, though…?) devoted to cover EVERY single song that the band “Bull of Heaven” has ever made (I have an obsession) and creating experimental, weird music, and a collection of bootlegs, updated weekly with new crap, on the Internet archive. Oh yeah, there’s also a soundcloud but I can’t upload shit ’cause I’m poor lol. And a subreddit. Overextending much? Perhaps.

The…*ahem* extravagantly titled “hunter biden’s crackhead vacant stare.” channel is a reupload treasure trove, with over 2000 videos in a year uploaded, and more to come!

I also have a youtube channel where I upload twitch streams to youtube, for the archival purposes, not for the money.

And they are being uploaded to the internet archive too!

I also upload twitch clips (15 of them daily!) for the archival purposes only.

Speaking of twitch, I also have my twitch channel…That was a bad segway innit?


Oh yeah, I also have a store for shirts, there’s only two designs and they are garbage so that’s why is sitting at the bottom of my description. As you can see I am an unbelievably busy man, and there’s even more to this than you think, but since I’m lazy and I want this description to be over, just click here and leave me alone: and I plan to make myself even busier in the near future, with new projects, like writing a book and shit like that, so if you feel that ANY or ALL of these things deserve any support, even though I feel like a sellout and extremely guilty about asking money for people that probably need it way more than I do, please drop somee change on my page on ko-fi:

Favourite Movies
The Matrix trilogy, Cube, The Sonic movie (what did you honestly expect?) and... a bunch of kids movies because I have the mental age of 4 and that's when I used to watch them on VHS. (I'm old).
Favourite TV Shows
AoSTH, Top Gear, Bobobo
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
A bunch of metal bands and some experimental shit (Bull of Heaven, The Body, Sunn O)))...)
Favourite Books
1984 (because that's topical),
Favourite Games
The Crew 2, Every Sonic game (Bec ause I'm that much of a fanboy), Ace Combat, Metal Gear series, Wwe 2k14 , Burnout, NFS...
Favourite Gaming Platform
That Sony PSP was nice (especially after I pirated it, lol)
Tools of the Trade
GIMP 2.10.22...Uhhhhh, pens and paper too i guess?
What in the fuck have i done to deserve getting 1000 pageviews? i'll never know. Thank you.
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So, uh, we got 600 pageviews! thank you yay! Will make an image or something to celebrate. eventually.
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Whoa, 6 watchers? How? Is my art really that good? because i don't think it is. Thank you all for the watch tho!!
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