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My fellow members,

To my great regret I have to inform you that I am closing down all incoming submissions for a long and unknown term, starting October 1st 2017.

Since my education asks a lot of my time and attention and will be even more serious the next two years, not to mention I am the only person managing this group, I cannot find any more spare time to manage it any longer for now. I also never could find a successor who has the same vision as I have, so letting take over the group by someone else is pretty out of the question unless you really really have some good reasons.

I already have noticed I have too little time to go through all of the incoming submissions, resulting in lots expiring for which I apologize. Although I will be online now and then (probably still trying to add new awesome artworks to the group), I must take a break to focus on my education. For the sake of the group's quality, submissions won't be automatically approved (requests for becoming a member will be though). There is a Favorites gallery called 'Devious Collection' in which you can put your artwork.
I hope you all understand and hopefully I will find more time in the future to open submissions again. For now, please still enjoy the wonderful artworks the group has to offer!

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Group Info

If you adore the beauty of luminescence, then this is the right place to show and enjoy art of this phenomenon. The group specializes in glowing and luminous elements.
Founded 14 Years ago
Jan 14, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

4,410 Members
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Rules and Guidelines

Please check these rules before you submit any of your deviations to avoid misunderstandings.

Submitting Art

:bulletblue: It is only allowed for members to submit their work. Become a member first before your submissions will be accepted. Preferably with a reason why you want to become a part of this group. (:

:bulletblue: The submissions must contain clear light sources and/or glowing details. That's where the group obviously is about.
Samples are: stars, fireflies, moon/sunbeams, lightorbs etc. Daylight or reflections of light are not allowed unfortunately.
The elements need to glow. Also in pixel and vector art.
Not acceptable: reflections of lightsources, dark and light contrast, neon or bright colors etc.

:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct folder. This makes things much easier for the group and it ensures that the art you suggest is reviewed as quickly as possible. If it is not submitted to the correct folder it will be declined, because of the lot of work and time to place it right.

When you need to choose the right folder to submit to, remind that it's not about the scene, but about the details and objects that are glowing.
Example: A spacial scene with machines and shooting weapons. The machines probably have some glowing sources, so it would belong in the Artificial and Man-Made Light folder, because (most) machines are made by humans.
Another example: A moonlit sky with a person helding a lighted torch on the foreground. The torch obviously is drawing more attention than the moon, though they are both glowing. In this case, it's about what's more important to look at.

:bulletblue: Submissions must be of your own work, not what you have found somewhere on the internet. No Google, Flickr etc. images.

:bulletblue: There is no limit of amount you want to submit, but keep in mind we don't accept art that has no quality or originality. That means artwork with crappy lines, blurry colors and strange proportions of the constructions.
:bulletpink: For photomanipulating: appropriate lightning and shadows and good use of blending.
:bulletpink: For traditional works: clean scans or photos of works and crops to only the art. No messy background or workspace.

:bulletblue: Stock photos are not allowed, even if they contain glowing details.

:bulletblue: The suggested deviation must give all proper credits for stock. This is primarily for photo-manipulations, but all digital artists must credit all stock used in their description, with direct links provided.

:bulletblue: No explicit art allowed, such as porn or fetish nudity. We accept some form of clothing and pinup-type works, but overly sexual positions or exposed genitalia or completely bare breasts without any form of cover up are not appropriate for our group.


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