Commissions List! (10/2015)

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By luminaura
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Pony Stark - complete
Shukumei - 
RK - complete
Star - complete
p2x - complete
Techorb - complete
Boss Snikrot - complete


kevin mckinnerney - complete
megamanfan - complete

Stream tip raffle winner - 

Paints Open!

Please refer to this if interested in commissioning me!

At the moment I'm only taking payments through my stream tip (using paypal)! 
You'll automatically be entered into the monthly tip raffle!
(Closing slots when filled!)
Commissions Info (Updated 5-25-2016) by luminaura

1. Cocaindog - complete
2. SP - complete
3. WAA - complete
4. Techorb - waiting

Special Requests:

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RAWRvatar? o.o
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Rawrvatars are from Lumi's $20 patreon slot, with your character of choice going RAWR like in Lumi's current avatar picture (they make for very cute avatars :3).