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Unfortunately this was the end of the good part of episode 23, to me anyway.
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too many pokeballs gamer shy 2016
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I'll carry it for you, Flutters *carries her heavy bag*
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I'm pretty sure Fluttershy just wanted to get down and do the dinosaur. 
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everypony do the drop!
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My heart went out to Fluttershy during this episode and Twilight seemed so hilariously oblivious.
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Poor Fluttershy. Twillie doesn't even notice.
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i wonder how twilight can carry dat lot of books
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She just has a strength and endurance of an earth pony, since she is an alicorn. It was a demonstration.
ItAchimex's avatar
i forget that even celestia are stronger than big mac and him are probably the most strong colt all over equestria
Veilunariel's avatar
Not sure about all of Equestria. We've seen a gray copy of Big Mac in this episode, for example, and this one can be just as strong as Big Mac.
In Ponyville there is a Bulk Biceps too, but he is a pegasus. Still, we don't know it yet: how he compares to Big Mac in terms of strength... 
Celestia is probably the physically strongest pony of all time (she is an alicorn and she is the biggest one of them).
Luna had already demonstrated her great strength by breaking the ground beneath her hooves in "
Luna Eclipsed".
Since Cadance and Twilight are an alicorns too, it is only natural for them to be very strong.
ItAchimex's avatar
the strength can coming with the ages  if you remember that episode when cadance visit twilight and discord was sick the show i kinda of that stregth
Veilunariel's avatar
Well, I remember that episode. I just don't understand what it has to do with the strength.
But of course, the older an alicorn is, the stronger (physically) it should be, because alicorns grow bigger in time. When Twilight will be as big as Celestia surely she will have the same strength.
ItAchimex's avatar
I agree cadance its almost big as luna i think she s not physically strong but he magic its powerful as celestia
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Cadance most likely is physically stronger than Shining Armor because she is an alicorn.
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Well she did just spend an entire 3 day weekend reorganizing thousands of books in her library.
ItAchimex's avatar
you right and that donts explain anything
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You're right, since it would have been mostly magic. I was tired and I guess thinking she'd have been lifting some of them.. I guess she was just super concentrated/excited about her task and not noticing how heavy it felt as a result... I don't know >_<
ItAchimex's avatar
well excited twilight is like the other mane6 went they are execited they forget thinks like that
Come on Fluttershy. You could win wrestling against a bear, how can those bags be too heavy?
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Great Scott! /)
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Twi be like: I'm outta mana, girl!!! :lol:
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