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(s5e10) tropical dream

This one does not have a name yet, but I thought tropical dream would be good. ^^…
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Nice. She really does look like she's from Equestria's version of California.
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She's really pretty, indeed! :love: :love: :love:
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She looks a bit like a combination between Fleur de Lis and Adagio. 

I love her already La la la la 
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I like this pony's design. I haven't seen another one like her in the show.
jyroman53's avatar
Tell me again if she is a reference ?
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I decided to call her Tropic Treat XD you can see that in the pic I made directly after the episode. guess we had both thought she should be called Tropic atleast XD
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She looks like a pony version of Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills!
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A very beautiful picture! :heart: The latest ep had many interesting-looking characters by the way :aww:
Beautiful picture! I was here earlier, and should have said that then...
I like this name!
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Now don't tell me, she doesn't bare at least SOME resemblance to Adagio at least!
My first thought on seeing her was to be astonished that Adagio Dazzle was showing up as a background pony!
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Very nice. I too found her quite the cool looking background character
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At first, I thought that she was based off of that one flag chick in the beginning of Space Channel 5 Part 2.
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se parece un poco a adagio
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She looks a lot like Adagio and starlight glimmer looks like Aria who's next Sonata
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What if Adagio and Aria were possessing Tropical Dream and Starlight all along? They did only appear in Season 5. (I bet we'll eventually get a unicorn with the same coloring scheme as Sonata)
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