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(s5e10) princess spike

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its seems spike is fond of playing princess....well I'm going to go get disturbed by something else now. XD
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You drew him painted! :D
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You should have been punished harder than young Princess Woona for the bullshit you pulled on that episode.
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For ruining everything due to selfishness. 
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Actually the things that ruined everything where the things he did to protect Twilight, not out of selfishness.
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The ponies where more selfish than him, and if your talking about destroying the statue that was the Dragon Sneeze's fault. 
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Bull. Spike even admitted to abusing his power, that lead to the chain of events that brought about that contrived sneeze.
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True though he did let some of the power go to his head, it was only because he gets next to no respect from the Canterlot ponies. And why exactly does him sneezing count as being contrived?  
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Spike has not earned respect.
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He helped saved the Crystal Empire from Sombra, alerted Celestia that Twilight had gone crazy with trying to please, refused to smash a egg and stood up the teenage dragons (even though he knew full well that they'd probably kill him) defeated a giant monster Timberwolf with a only small rock, saved the Empire again and has spent his whole life serving one purple bookwormish unicorn and friends.

If anything it seems to me the guy has earned more than just respect.

(He also has a little thrown next to Twilight's, despite him not being a Element of Harmony) :) (Smile) 
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Cute but unreliable princess.
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twilight says I don't have the balls to be a soldier, I was so vexed!!! but...               she's right! I'M A FUCKING PRETTY PRINCESS!!!
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Spike, you're drunk. Go home.
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this satisfies me completely.
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As soon as I heard the name of this episode, I immediately thought of Spike's Rule 63.
My Little Drag(on) Queen Princess Wink/Razz 
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Hehe awesome!! :thumbsup:
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