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mlp s5e18 - cutie mark crusader's signature move!

By luminaura
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for the lesser effects version see the patreon post!
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Butt buddies!Applebloom Sweetie Belle not amused sprite Scootaloo Smile sprite    I regret nothing  LOL   :D
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Someone has been taking lessons from Rainbow Mika.
FluffyKittens12309's avatar
Beat that diamond tiara!Freddy Laughing Chat Icon 
UnseenVision's avatar
Well they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery dear.
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admit it Diamond, you have been bested.
Paulicus1's avatar
But what do they call it?
Kalenz123's avatar
How about "rump bump"
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You're a good pony now, DT. I'm sure you can share.
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Haha! So awesooome!!! Love it! :squee: :squee: :squee:
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They then merge into a single being: Crusadercorn!
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What do you think they symbolize?
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I'm guessing how they're all team...isn't the CMC symbol a bit like a shield? But the different marks on the shields symbolize them.
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Well I honestly think a blooming seed would have made more sense
than a shield, because their talent is unlocking the talents of ponies now.
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
Good point. But I still like these marks.
bruiser128's avatar
Same here. 

Could be leading to a spinoff tv series.
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Speaking of which, are there any characters that you think deserve a spinoff of their own?
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
I dunno...maybe some of the background ponies, like Lyra and Bon Bon...
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I bet R Mika from Street Fighter taught them a thing or two when it come to butt moves!
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