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classy without a tie



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Aw i gotta say i love it 
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Lovely outfits!!! :D :D :D
Moonlight-Pen's avatar
They look so adorable!
ChocoGirl122's avatar
*^* hnnnnnngggaah
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why must you make chrysalis look so smexyyyyy X3 beautiful job
Kitaronicus's avatar
Awww! Love it! 
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I know where this is going. Fluffle is going to hold onto Chryssi's arm tight, throw her onto a conveniently placed bed, jump onto the bed with her and then they will hug while falling asleep. If the pony version of Chryssi wearing a suit is anything to go by.
MARZillao's avatar
OMG!!!! It's so cute & kawaii!!!!!! :D
This instantly became one of my favorite Chrysalis pictures. And I always thought the Flufflepuff thing was kind of dumb!
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Chrissy is just so...I don't know.  Stylish.  Ready for epic.
The particular kind of classy that reminds me of Seto Kaiba.  :)
I really like it.
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Se cumplió el sueño de ambas. X3
elpachonisimo's avatar
Oh si como espero que fluffy mixer nos muestre lo que hay en la cueva de la divercion c:
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Diversión de acuerdo a como Fluffle entiende el concepto. XD
elpachonisimo's avatar
jajaja tienes razon XD
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Necesitamos más material con ellas dos. X3
jyroman53's avatar
Very stylish !
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