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book horse

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sleep tight princess~
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Aaaww... how lovely... :love: :love: :love:
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She is content. 
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Book Horse. It shall be so.
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She looks so happy. :heart:
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"And here we see the Book Horse in her natural habitat. You see her use a book as a pillow, which might seem strange to us, but it's second nature to her." <!--David Attenborough-->
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Books are such a comfy bed. I love to sleep on them too, but it's always better to wake up next to someone who fell asleep with you while you were snuggling and cuddling.
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That was such an adorkable moment!
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Twi ye sleep on everything !
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She's gonna be sore when she wakes up/
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She looks like she is hoarding books. I'm not so sure it is very comfortable. But when you are sleepy, anywhere is okay. So on the top of a mountain made of several books. Typical Twilight. So adorkable.

Wonderful work
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Book Napkin Twilie is best Twilie!
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And here we can see the book horse resting in it's natural habitat.
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D'oh! I haven't seen your comment before I made mine. ><
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Hey yours is way more detailed than mine.
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AWWWWWW!!!Meow :3 Love Heart Hug 
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That was my favorite moment in the episode, when she laid down on the pile of books and fluffed herself a "pillow"
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Haha so cute! :heart:
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"BERKS!" the call of the wild book horse.
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