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Trixie's Mishap

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Adagio: how the did this happen?! (picks her up)

Trixie: I.....don't know. (blushes harder and buries her face in her arms)

Adagio: aaawwww! you shy?

Trixie: yes....can we please just go see Twilight?

Adagio: okay....but if she can't fix this of all the fun we'll have!!! (walks through the with Trixie in her arms)

Trixie: *sigh* I guess that's some thing to be happy about.

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It's called loli moe and you will now stay this way. Foreeveeer~<3!
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that is so adorable
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Oooh. Fic idea! Mind if i right one based on this while using it for coverart? I'll credit you for the inspiration and coverart
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is this a referents to Trixie's little problem
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I'll adopt her and raise her like my own daughter and teach her how to be a better person so she can have a lot of friends and nothing can stop me!
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My little Dashy(Trixie)?
Ghalaghor's avatar
Adopt ALL the colts and fillies!
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Make an orphanage! Or something...
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And share them with others? Yeah, as if. Get your own universe full of cute ponies, there are enough in the multiverse. This one is mine!
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Breeze: *walks by and sees her* OH mY GOSH! *lifts her up and hugs her* You are so cute and adowable.
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mini hearts  K A W A I I   Trixie (Bedroom Eyes) EQG Trixie Cute Plz Glitter Vomit Little glitter rainbow la in love Heart Love Heart - Free Heart - Free Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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What was in those peanut butter crackers?!
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This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!!!
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well shes five years old now XD
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It is the kawaii-loli spell ! ye cannot escape it !
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I may not be a brony,but have one thing to say:this is so cute!
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It's an art style called age regression that shows the idea of people becoming suddenly younger. It's quite popular here on dA.
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