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(Spoilers) Princess Flurry Heart

Is she the savior, or the demise of all of equestria?!  (She will kill us all!)
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Princess Flurry opens her wide pink wings to all.

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She's adorable :D
And an out of control, potential disaster XD
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She looks so adorable Pinkie Pie #3 !
And she's a better flyer than Scootaloo is, too.
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Awwwww. How cute!!!!
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Our doom is adorable!
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Well, there goes my theory about how only naturally born Alicorns can give birth to Alicorns.
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I thought the same thing tbh. Considering I know Cadence isn't natural, so how the hell do they give birth to an alicorn?

I'm not entirely bashing the idea, just trying to figure out the logic.

Then again, it's a show about multicolored horses with magic. I can't really throw logic in that.
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True, it's very hard to figure out the logic in MLP.

Flurry Heart must be the first naturally born Alicorn in Equestria for thousands of years. Shining Armor told Twilight that seeing the baby would be a bit of a shock, so I can't imagine what else he could have meant by that. Flurry Heart is something entirely new, an Alicorn born to an ascended Alicorn. We'll see how they'll explain that.
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The thing is, if this sort of thing is genetic, then where in Cadence's family OR Shining Armor's, were there an Alicorn in the past? I mean that's where this just makes absolutely no sense. I was starting to be okay with the idea of alicorns existing through great deeds and whatever (like Twilight and Cadence) then they throw this in the loop, and now we're back to our brains being scrambled.

I just...don't understand the logiiicc.

I am dying to hear how this came to be.
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Well there are a number of possibilities. It could be possible that Flurry Heart is an alicorn because, once ascended, a ponies genetics changed and Cadance's new alicorn genes were the most prominent. Of course, because it was a 'given' factor rather then a natural one, that could explain why Flurry has much larger wings and horn, because of genetic missteps because of the ascension. 
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Oh, My God. She's so cute! :happybounce: Great job!Wink/Razz 
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So adorable! You did a great job making her look even more adorable than she was before! :squee: personal revamp 
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Looking at her, she's so cute.
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Well I'm glad that there's no kitty lingerie in this one... the others are fine, but in here it would be just plain wrong..

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*spasms intensely*
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